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Astrology: Jupiter Secrets Revealed

Monday, October 12th, 2015
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Decoding the symbolism of Jupiter in your unique comprehensive astrology patterns tells me a lot about your personality and fate.

You don’t have to learn the complex language of authentic astrology (not modern trivialities like horoscopes) because I’m happy to serve as your interpreter.

Today’s astrologers acknowledge that Jupiter generally represents money and rewards, but it symbolizes much more than that.

Below I list select Jupiter secrets and features.

  1. Jupiter is masculine and rules the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces (modern astrology dictates that Neptune rules Pisces). Jupiter is exalted in the sign of Cancer. Jupiter in the signs of Gemini, Virgo, or Capricorn (notice the opposite of the signs it rules and the sign in which it is exalted) is unfavorable, but it can be symbolically diminished; the negative or positive energy of any given factor is decreased or supported by the energy of the other hundreds of factors.
  2. Jupiter symbolizes wisdom, abundance, wealth, philosophy, law, religion, banking, prophesy, success, honor, peace, those in leadership positions, aristocrats, lawyers and judges, teachers, priests, astrologers, and seers.
  3. Jupiter can also represent excess, drinking or eating too much, destructive appetites, obesity, respiratory ailments, reckless extravagance, and corruption.
  4. Jupiter in good health and position are exceptional signs for a mostly rewarding life with a lower amount of personal adversity than average (as always, based on corroborating factors).
  5. The most potent heavenly body in a person’s comprehensive astrology charts (it’s not the “chart ruler,” the Ascendant ruler, as modern astrology suggests) and everything linked to it offers a wealth of information. When it’s Jupiter, and Jupiter is in excellent health, the person will likely be fair-minded, rational, and virtuous.
  6. In the simplest terms, the location and everything related to Jupiter in the comprehensive charts reveals well-being, rewards, and lack of difficulties.

The symbolism of Jupiter in comprehensive astrology reveals a vast amount of information about personality, timing, and fate.

Copyright © 2015 Scott Petullo

Astrology Q & A: “What Does Jupiter and Mars in my 7th House Mean?”

Thursday, May 20th, 2010
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Question: “What does Jupiter and Mars in my 7th House Mean?”

Answer:  It means many things, all of which depend on the other 500+ factors you must consider in a comprehensive analysis.

To get a surface-oriented assessment, one that will most likely, ultimately be over-ruled by the collective energy of the other indicators, you could look on this blog post for the general meaning of, for example, the planet Mars, and then the meaning of the 7th house. Put those two together, and you have, possibly, aggression and, or strife in partnerships.

There is no “this means that” answer, that is, if you want a decent level of accuracy. The meaning of any single indicator is wholly based on the collective symbolism of the other factors throughout the comprehensive charts.

Jupiter, for instance, can just as easily relate to over-indulgence, destructive excess, and wastefulness as it can abundance and rewards, depending on other factors.

How to go about discerning the symbolism, for example, relating to the question, “What Does Jupiter and Mars in my 7th House Mean?”:

1. Study the meaning of the planets Mars and Jupiter thoroughly–and put most emphasis on the ancient meanings, not the modern, overly-creative and psychological-based meanings. By “ancient,” I’m referring to from ancient times up to around 1600 AD.

2. Consider the signs in which the planets reside, and consider how the planets act in those signs, based on dignification, for instance (i.e., Mars is dignified in Aries).

3. Study the meaning of the 7th house—again, the ancient meanings, not the modern ones.

4. Study the meaning of Mars and Jupiter acting through those signs, in that house (7th).

5. What is the ruler of your 7th? The ruler of the 7th is the strongest planet associated with that house. It may be Jupiter or Mars, or it may be some other heavenly body.

6. Are Mars or Jupiter afflicted? There are many possible afflictions, including debilitated by sign or by Ptolemaic aspect. Weigh the afflictions.

7. Are Mars and Jupiter supported/emboldened by other heavenly bodies (i.e., reception), which would help to mitigate the symbolic energy of an affliction?

8. Study the rulers of Mars and Jupiter—how are they relative to what I say above for Mars and Jupiter (afflicted?, etc.).

9. What else is in your 7th?

10. What is the sign on the 7th cusp and what is/where is its ruler or rulers? How is the health of those ruler or rulers?

The above steps are a good start in learning astrology, one of the languages of fate.

Copyright © 2010 Scott Petullo