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Case Study: Hidden Truth About Prospective Business Partner

Sunday, November 16th, 2014
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Uncertainty about a prospective business partner, employee, romantic interest, or other new person in your life is a common problem.

Consider the following scenario involving two potential business partners. Antonia was having a tough time accurately assessing Alex’s character. How much of the appeal was due to being away from her office, at a conference at an exotic location, and how much was authentic? How could she confirm her feelings that Alex would be a great business partner in her new venture? She needed more time, and a fresh perspective before she made a decision.

Here’s what Antonia needs to know:

  1. Overall compatibility between her and Alex, which includes key relationship issues, true motivations, and identification of potential red flags.
  2. Whether or not her collective personal timing is symbolic of excessive risk in business matters at this time—if so, a new business partner could represent serious problems.
  3. Whether or not the collective universal timing at the approximate time she first met her prospective business partner was negative or positive. Negative extremes in universal timing are ominous, though personal timing is more important.
  4. Whether or not her prospective business partner’s collective timing symbolizes challenging extremes, such as problematic finances—if so, this new business partner would be a drag on her professional prosperity.
  5. The type of conflict resolution style her prospective partner possesses.

Conventional wisdom may not tolerate esoteric methodologies, but you owe it to yourself to limit your risk, make the most of your life, and avoid surrendering your power.

Copyright © 2014 Scott Petullo

The Ultimate Compatibility Test

Monday, November 18th, 2013
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The ultimate compatibility test, one that will quickly reveal how compatible you are with another person on a personal or professional level, is greatly sought after.

The problem is that it doesn’t exist, at least in a form usable by anyone, without having to learn any forms of personality analysis.

True compatibility is much deeper than sharing a lot of the same interests and ideals. You’ve been there before, undoubtedly: you seem to have similar personalities, interests, and values; both lack significant personality red flags, yet you still bring out the worst in each other.

How can this be, you ask? It’s because genuine compatibility goes much deeper than your biases, background, values, whether or not you like sports, culinary tastes, politics, religion, how much you’re willing to work at it to make it harmonious, or what you like to do for fun.

The ultimate compatibility test has everything to do with invisible forces beyond conventional thinking, and it has little to do with subjective self-tests and on-line quizzes. The more limited the self-knowledge (typically, very limited), the greater the results of self-tests and quizzes are skewed, and that’s not even including the honesty factor; people notoriously answer how they think they should answer or in a way that indicates they’re seeking some sort of “I’m a good person” award.

Authentic compatibility isn’t a choice. The compatibility between every pair of individuals is as exclusive as your fingerprints, it’s unchangeable, and it’s measureable.

I employ the ultimate compatibility test in my systems of analysis. I realize the skepticism you may have about such a statement, but I believe it is true after testing countless methods and developing my own methodologies over the last 20+ years.

Additionally, it would take years to instruct someone (especially a person who favors modern astrology techniques) how to fully utilize my proprietary systems of analysis, which are compartmentalized and coded for security. They are as useful to the uninitiated as a jungle map in an ancient tribal language, while stuck in the middle of the Amazon without any survival skills.

I measure compatibility, along with personality and timing. In my view, there exist several requirements to discover true compatibility. Although you must consult with me to yield the benefits of my ultimate compatibility test, the time and money you save, and peace of mind you gain, is invaluable.

Copyright © 2013 Scott Petullo

How to Know if You’re Truly Compatible

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013
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You’ve undoubtedly wondered, “How to know if you’re truly compatible?” All types of relationships, business and personal, include unique levels of compatibility.

Let me tell you a story. Lauren is a successful entrepreneur and business owner. She’s had the usual problems with difficult employee relationships, as well as business partners possessing major personality red flags that became evident after it was too late.

How to know if you’re truly compatible, and if the person has personality issues before it’s too late? You could ask the person, but that will probably yield nothing. Also, your estimation of their character is likely to be subjective and inaccurate.

Lauren’s friends who are business owners have the same problems. “How to know if you’re truly compatible, how to know if they’re a good match for business,” they’ve asked each other. They ask the same thing about personal relationships. Some of her friends have tried personality typing systems, but it turned out to be an exercise in futility, as did astrology and numerology report-generating software.

These professionals also know it’s just not always feasible to hire a psychologist or a traditional security investigations firm to check out the person in question.

Finding out if you’re truly compatible and identifying red flags before it’s too late seems impossible.

Internet searches won’t easily yield answers. Getting to the top of the first page on Google and actually providing valuable information or a valuable service don’t always go hand in hand.

Who do you turn to?

You need someone who has dedicated his life toward unveiling authentic compatibility and personality red flags, someone who offers unparalleled, priceless insight.

Lauren used to wonder how to discern true compatibility and spot personality red flags, but she doesn’t any longer because now she knows how.

Lauren’s secret is an alternative form of security investigations. She also employs very talented psychics.

John, her friend from childhood who owns an insurance business, said “Astrology? You mean like, what’s your sign, horoscopes? And handwriting analysis? (laughing) Are you kidding, Lauren!?” (The day before, without a second thought, John donned his lucky brown handkerchief in hopes of overcoming a losing streak and avoiding the wrath of his bookie.)

The relentless skeptics, including science elitists, the I-reject-it-because-I’m-terrified-of-anything-I-can’t-prove-by-touching-it crowd, and the I-don’t-believe-it-unless-everyone-else-does-too-because-I-can’t-think-for-myself group would ridicule her for employing, “people who think they have special powers.” It seems bias and ignorance will always exist.

“It works. It has saved me a lot of time and money, though it would be bad for business if people found out I go this route, so I keep it quiet,” Lauren says.

You don’t have to wonder any longer if you’re truly compatible, or if that person has hidden red flag personality issues.

Copyright © 2013 Scott Petullo

Why Your Compatibility With That Person is Terrible

Monday, May 20th, 2013
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Congenial pretenses aside, you have a sneaking suspicion that your actual compatibility with that certain person, whether it’s a professional or personal relationship, is just plain awful.

Even if you do share the same values, have similar personalities and interests, are both willing to “work at it,” and both lack major character flaws—these five areas fully encompass conventional thinking on compatibility—you’ll still only address surface compatibility.

Sometimes, no matter what, the compatibility between you and another person is terrible. Friction and tension prevail and, individual personality red flags aside, it has nothing to do with your backgrounds, biases, prejudices, values, interests, or basic personality traits.

Authentic compatibility is not a choice, it’s just the way it is, it’s unalterable, and every two person combination is unique.

It’s not your fault, so just accept that sometimes you cannot avoid a non-stop up-hill battle within select connections.

Just as it’s possible to determine personality red flags, it’s possible to determine how your overall compatibility rates with another person, on a scale of 1-100, for example, including details about the core challenges and rewards through my invaluable analyses.

Copyright © 2013 Scott Petullo

Beginnings Matter Immensely: Astrology, Numerology, Relationships, and Timing

Monday, February 4th, 2013
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The outcome of a relationship, whether it is professional or personal, is veiled in the moment you first meet, face-to-face, on-line, or otherwise.

Ralph Waldo Ellison, American novelist, wrote in “Invisible Man,” “The end is in the beginning and lies far ahead.”

The first part of the quote absolutely applies to prediction and forecasting with comprehensive astrology and numerology, specifically related to consequences of relationships.

Simply put, various patterns (e.g., positive, negative, et al.) comprised of hundreds of factors in the comprehensive charts reflect moments in time. The occasion you first connect with a new person in your life symbolizes the meaning of the relationship.

How can that be, you ask? It’s empirical science; the results are regularly acquired from the same groups of circumstances. See this blog post for more information.

The following, and much more, can be determined by assessing universal timing (reflecting the overall environment), and each person’s personal, collective timing, along with the compatibility charts:

  1. Whether the connection is rewarding or challenging, productive or fruitless.
  2. Whether the connection is fated to be short-lived or long lasting.
  3. Who has an advantage and who doesn’t.

In my view, the best approach is to go about your life and do what feels most appropriate, then when you do meet someone of importance, whether it’s personal or professional, note the approximate time, location, and date. Then look into the comprehensive charts (or have me do it for you).

Relationships, and the key circumstances of your life, appear to be arbitrary, but they are absolutely mapped. It’s like driving around in a strange city. The road you happen to take leads somewhere, you just don’t know where. Not knowing where it leads to doesn’t negate the fact that the beginning leads to the result.

Taking note of the timing surrounding first meetings, and finding out the projected consequences through the advice above, allows you to greatly reduce your risk and gain tremendous insight about yourself and others.

Copyright © 2013 Scott Petullo

Astrology and Numerology: Compatibility Based Mostly on Shared Timing is Fleeting

Monday, January 21st, 2013
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It’s been a long time since that relationship ended. You happen to run into each other after not being in contact for years. The rest of the day you wonder how the connection ever developed in the first place.

It’s like you were both under a spell way back then that brought you together.

It wasn’t a spell, but shared (or very similar) cyclical timing patterns, which can symbolically unite otherwise very different people.

Compatibility based on personality in the comprehensive astrology and numerology charts is much stronger than compatibility based on mutually shared timing, though my findings show that compatibility based on shared timing is very common. My theory is that many connections, whether romantic or professional, simply aren’t meant to be long-term.

Shared collective timing representatively brings people together, then when they phase out of the shared timing, the relationship falls apart. This dynamic can also relate to professional connections.

The season (i.e., shared timing phase) you find yourself sharing with someone else, whether it’s like a harsh winter or a beautiful spring, never endures, and expecting a pleasant shared timing phase to last forever is one of the biggest relationship mistakes you can make; disillusionment and regret develop as expectations clash with reality.

Unless you review each person’s comprehensive astrology and numerology charts to look for shared timing, it’s not easy to tell if the connection is predominantly timing-based instead of personality-based, other than the feeling that you may not have enough in common. But even if each partner has completely different everyday interests, which is not as important as compatible personalities, the connection may still be based more on personality factors than timing.

I wouldn’t recommend terminating a connection simply because you learn it’s fated to be fleeting instead of long-term. However, think of how much time and money you can save if you know whether or not your association with another person is on solid ground and is meant to endure.

Read more about compatibility in these three blog posts:
7 Requirements to Discover True Compatibility
What Everyone Ought To Know About Compatibility
Compatibility–It’s Either There or It’s Not and It’s Measurable

Copyright © 2013 Scott Petullo

Revealed: the Connection Between Sex and Astrology

Monday, November 19th, 2012
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My findings show that astrology symbolizes life circumstances, including particulars about relationships and sex.

However, one stipulation is necessary: Sun sign astrology (i.e., “horoscopes”) and most mainstream astrology, including modern astrology, won’t uncover anything worthwhile. Those forms of astrology are trivial forms of the ancient discipline, “for entertainment only.”

Comprehensive charting using ancient methodologies does reveal an enormous amount of information about sex and your sex life. Real astrology (and numerology) involves pattern recognition using multiple natal and timing charts for any given concern. Severe patterns, either negative or positive, are easiest to identify, representing overall compatibility and much more.

Five things comprehensive astrology and numerology can tell you about sex and relationships:

  1. Sex-drive peak points—when you’ll be more interested in sex than usual.
  2. When you’ll attract suitable partners. Starting with the promise in your unique personality charts, and combine it with that of your unique timing charts, it’s entirely possible to know when you’ll have success and when you won’t. Mediocre collective timing isn’t as easy to work with; it’s the extremes that are, either negative or positive. I can give you windows of time (as brief as six hours) when you would have a very difficult time meeting a new lover to your liking, no matter where you are. On the flip side, I can give you windows of time when you would get lucky, even have an abundance of possible mates, though those aren’t as common as the mediocre and challenging periods.
  3. Which of you has the edge in the relationship, or if it’s just a bad connection through and through for both of you. You’ve likely been in a sexual relationship where the chemistry was simply totally absent, no matter the level of attractiveness of you or the other person. Or, things were terrible for you but better for your partner, or the other way around. It takes two to tango.
  4. Which of you holds a “can’t lose” advantage over the other. This nuance is fairly common among couples, and virtually ensures that the one who has inherent power over the other is protected from financial, legal, or other hassles involving the other person. It also has a tendency to make your lover your de facto servant in many ways. If you are on the negative side of this dynamic, you would be wise to take preventative action, such as securing your finances and otherwise limiting your risk.
  5. Whether or not your relationship is fleeting or more enduring. This has to do with several things such as universal factors and how they relate to each of you, personal timing charts, and accord found through timing and, or personality charts.

A great deal more can be discerned through the comprehensive charts; virtually any important area of life and relationships can be addressed, giving you extremely valuable perspective.

More information about compatibility can be found here.

Copyright © 2012 Scott Petullo

What Everyone Ought to Know About Compatibility

Monday, July 9th, 2012
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It’s a myth that “anyone can be compatible with anyone else,” that you can click with anyone, just as long as you smile and try to get along. This could very well be some of the world’s most misguided advice.

Reasonable harmony within your business and personal associations is crucial, but there are times when no matter what you do, discord prevails.

You’ve almost certainly encountered this situation before, and the severity of the personality conflict is not revealed until after it’s too late: almost everything you say to each other seems to be taken as a slight, and there never seems to be common ground between you, even though there seems to be no fault whatsoever in your or the other person’s approach to the connection.

After the amiable façade wears off, true personality and compatibility are exposed, and there’s nothing you can do about extreme, innate conflict, for example, but accept it. However, you can identify personality red flags and difficult compatibility–both are measurable–before you commit your time and money.

In this blog post I mention how “…emotional balance, emotional maturity, objectivity, bias, rationalization, and vanity are personality matters readily outlined through handwriting analysis, such as in my Reliability and Confidentiality Evaluation. Extreme situations, such as those referred to in this article, may necessitate an analysis involving the types of personality characteristics featured above…”

Compatibility is Not a Choice

Your unique compatibility with another person can’t be controlled. It is what it is, no matter how much you try to make it otherwise.

Despite two individuals having similar personality challenges (and the degree of those challenges), person A, for example, is much more likely to cause you problems than person B. It’s readily calculable: the compatibility energy between you and person A is symbolic of extreme volatility and enmity, for instance, whereas the compatibility energy is mostly representative of agreement and good will between you and person B.

The rougher the overall compatibility between two people, the more of a struggle it is to maintain harmony and avoid interpersonal strife, and the more likely it is that the relationship will be the source of continuous problems.

Think of how much time and money you could save knowing that a friendship or business relationship has a very high potential of ending like a train wreck.

Whether it’s business or personal, every individual with whom you interact holds a distinct level of compatibility with you, ranging from unbearable to extremely rewarding, using a scale of 1 to 100, for example.

Reduce your risk of wasted time, financial loss, and missed opportunities through my invaluable assessments.

Copyright © 2012 Scott Petullo

Q & A: Why She Has a Problem With the Sign of Libra

Monday, March 12th, 2012
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“My question has to do with problems relating to anyone with the Sun in Libra. For as long as I can remember I’ve had difficulty with Librans. They have all either betrayed my confidence, or caused problems in the job place, or just “messed me over” in general. It is such that I no longer befriend anyone who is a Libra. Is it possible that I have a conflicting planet/planets regarding Libra? I was born…(birth data withheld). Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Gemini, Capricorn ascendant, and I have at least five planets in Scorpio. (Interestingly enough, I am always compatible with Scorpios). Anyway, this has been a pattern for so many years that I decided to ask an expert, such as yourself. Thanks in advance.”

First, it’s a common occurrence when someone tells me they’ve regularly had more challenges than usual with a particular Sun sign.

Note: please see this blog post and the linked posts at the end of it for information about why it’s important to avoid exclusive reliance on Sun sign astrology:

It could appear to be a Libra Sun matter, but may not be. It could be something else that all of those people have in common.

I’d have to know how many people of all those you’ve had problems with have natal Sun in Libra. Could it be selective attention or a self-fulfilling prophesy on your part? Let’s say it’s not, and you really have had more problems with those who have a Libra Sun.

Since I don’t have the birth data of those people, here are some general possibilities:

1. Libra energy in your natal charts is very weak and under-represented; the sign of Libra is locked in a cadent house, the 9th.
2. Your natal Mars is very potent (the sign of Libra has a problem with Mars, you could say–Mars in Libra is a debilitated Mars). In fact, it’s the most potent heavenly body in your comprehensive charts, and not just because it rules your 1st, 10th, and 11th.
3. You have twice as much fixed energy as cardinal or mutable. Libra is a cardinal sign. Cardinal energy and fixed energy generally don’t harmonize.
4. Those specific people may have a heavy emphasis in their comprehensive charts on the sign of Libra and, or they may have a problem with the planet Mars.
5. When have the problems occurred? It could be more of an issue related to your timing rather than your natal configurations.

Rather than completely avoiding people who have a Libra Sun sign, it may be better to get to know them a little first, then find out their birth data.

Comprehensive astrology and numerology, particularly in conjunction with handwriting analysis, allows for deepening your understanding of human personality and reducing your exposure to risk.

Copyright © 2012 Scott Petullo

7 Requirements to Discover True Compatibility

Monday, June 6th, 2011
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One of the most common inquiries I receive is whether or not two people are compatible (romantically or professionally).

Modern astrology approaches the matter employing the basic natal chart of each through “synastry,” where Ptolemaic aspects and connections between the houses and planets are outlined. They might also compare elements (fire, air, water earth), or other elementary components of the basic natal charts.

Unfortunately, such an approach offers very low accuracy rates, particularly involving computerized reports. The heartfelt prose, references to “consciousness” and Jungian concepts (warping the tenets of ancient astrology with psychological notions), and stunning imagery, which is an important part of escapist spirituality, only serve to obfuscate the uselessness of modern astrological methodologies. As unsympathetic as this may sound, it’s important to point out because the awareness can save you an enormous amount of time and hassle.

Relentlessly, the collective findings from handwriting analysis and comprehensive charting involving astrology and numerology reveal that favored modern astrological methods such as synastry, progressions, transits, lunar and solar returns, and others are only suitable to top off an existing, comprehensive analysis. Alone, they aren’t worthwhile.

The following must be done to discover true compatibility:

  1. Thoroughly outline each person’s personality through handwriting analysis. In doing so you uncover subconscious character, identifying key relationship issues, such as level of self-esteem, emotional maturity, conflict avoidance, withdrawal, fear of intimacy, and restlessness.
  2. Thoroughly outline each person’s personality through comprehensive astrology and numerology, using tried and true ancient methodologies.
  3. Thoroughly delineate each person’s collective timing through comprehensive astrology and numerology, using tried and true ancient methodologies.
  4. Acknowledge that (relating to romantic connections) some people, overall, have rewarding life-long love karma, some people have fair life-long love karma, and others have challenging life-long love karma; you find out which sort through the above-mentioned analyses.
  5. Recognize that one’s collective personal timing, if favorable in relation to love life, can symbolically somewhat mitigate one’s life-long challenging love life karma. Alternatively, tough personal timing can, representatively, seriously impede one’s love life.
  6. Understand that although some connections include questionable compatibility on a personality level, shared collective harmonious timing can function largely as the base of the connection and make it more agreeable.
  7. Recognize that the “unexplainable draw” (frequently in the beginning) in largely, overall discordant connections shouldn’t be confused with blessings or reward—the intense attraction in this case serves to help them fulfill the karmic plan, however ultimately unpleasant from a non-spiritual perspective.

In determining true compatibility, you increase your awareness, deepen your understanding of another, and dramatically reduce your risk.

Copyright © 2011 Scott Petullo