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Q & A: Two Very Different People, Same Date of Birth—Invalidates Astrology?

Monday, February 25th, 2013
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“I have a friend I knew in school who has the exact same date of birth, but we are totally different. Doesn’t this prove astrology isn’t real?”

The brief answer is no, it doesn’t prove anything.

What are you expecting with two people sharing the same date of birth, that they should be like identical clones, sharing the same physical characteristics, and that they should have the same talents and passions?

The chances of two randomly chosen people in the world born on the same day, month, and year are slim, about 1 in 28,500.

The “birthday paradox” in probability theory shows that there’s a 99% probability that two people will share the same month and day of birth (but not year) with 57 randomly chosen people.

5 Things to Consider Regarding Shared Dates of Birth, From the Standpoint of Astrology and Numerology:

  1. The day and month exclusively allow for only nominal insight—it’s a tenuous link, shared between two people.
  2. The full date of birth offers a loose framework, an overall inclination of personal fate and personality.
  3. The full date of birth, along with the exact time, location, and full legal birth name allow for comprehensive charting; it’s the collections of patterns that offer startling symbolism about a person’s personality, and past, present and future.
  4. Comprehensive analysis, using the full birth data, identifies such things as general level of wealth to be achieved (and if it’s sustainable), inauspicious periods related to finances, career and love life ups and downs, key personality traits, compatibility, and much more.
  5. A few minutes can make a big difference in comprehensive charting; even twins can possess very different personalities, types of unavoidable personal adversities, and personal fates.

Your perspective about the differences between you and another person sharing your date of birth is likely to be very subjective. Although you may think you have nothing in common, you really have a lot more in common than you believe. Shared long-term timing trends, derived from the full date of birth, especially in the extreme (the symbolism being more obvious, negative or positive) depict shockingly similar personal life themes.

By the way, the modern calendar, on which many of your personal comprehensive charts are based, isn’t arbitrary. It’s mathematically sound, accurate (contrary to the false notion that it’s “off by up to four years”), and it precisely reflects the passage of time. More on the modern calendar, its formation, time, and numerology here.

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