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Avoid This Terrible Hiring Mistake

Monday, October 11th, 2021
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In an ideal world, you hire someone because her skills match the demands of the job, she’s a good fit with the existing staff, and you like her personality.

However, perfect opportunities aren’t standard in the real world. As a business owner, if you have the choice of hiring someone you like only a little, but is likely to do a great job, or someone you like a lot and is only moderately qualified, which would you hire? No doubt, if you’re a successful business owner, you hire the person who is likely to do a great job. 

One of the biggest hiring mistakes is hiring based on preliminary impressions, which can be illusionary. Gut instinct can help you in your decision-making, but it’s not always reliable.

The following five vital questions about new hires are answered through my unconventional security investigations

  1. Does she possess any red-flag personality traits?
  2. Is his motivation geared toward success (e.g., is he money motivated if the job is commission sales)?
  3. Does the compatibility between you and your potential hire include treacherous energy that makes it impossible for you to see his true nature?
  4. Is the compatibility with your potential new hire excellent, good, fair, or poor?
  5. Is his collective personal timing geared toward success, related to the job?

Although it’s impossible to eliminate 100% of all hiring mistakes, you can greatly limit your risk by using several forms of evaluation, including my unconventional security investigations. 

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