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Hidden Compatibility Factor is Measurable

Monday, June 19th, 2017
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Fundamental human compatibility has more to do with factors other than mundane matters such as interests, background, physical appearance, hobbies, and career. The underpinnings are largely due to unseen, esoteric dynamics.

I would have been skeptical of such a notion prior to twenty-plus years of seeing this phenomenon in real life examples countless times.

Extremes in compatibility illustrate my thesis. You meet someone new and from the very beginning it’s either mutual rapport, or mutual distaste.

Conventional science explains such a scenario through fears, defenses and biases. For example, person A is prejudiced against those like person B, and likewise with person B.

However, I’m referring to the situation where person A and person B aren’t biased whatsoever; they simply naturally despise each other for unexplained reasons. Or, the opposite, they can’t get enough of each other.

You’ve likely found yourself in this situation before, and it’s too easy to blame the other person for the innate strife in the connection, in the case of terrible compatibility.

But if you pay attention, you’ll notice a unique compatibility between every two-person arrangement and there’s nothing you can do to alter it.

Fantastic compatibility either exists between two people, or it doesn’t, and it’s measurable. I’m speaking of innate compatibility, before you factor in any red-flag personality issues, physical attraction, and different types and levels of intelligence, including emotional intelligence.

Affinity between two people could be inherently magnificent, but subconscious fears and defenses such as vanity, resentment, dishonesty, domineering tendencies and others could ruin the prospects.

Handwriting analysis is my favorite way to identify personality red flags. Extreme personality challenges such as those listed above, or drug and alcohol problems, for example, make harmonious bonds impossible even for those with fantastic rapport.

You may be fortunate to have an excellent connection with your partner, symbolized by the astrology and numerology patterns, yet one of you is an intellectual and the other is rooted in emotions and feeling. No connection is perfect, but similar mentalities and emotional aptitudes further enhance relationships.

Every person you interact with, whether it’s business, social, or romantic uniquely harmonizes with you, and the deep-rooted compatibility can be accurately illustrated on a scale of 1-100, for example.

Some people just click, others don’t, and nobody is to blame. Unless you want to torture yourself, it’s a good idea to avoid the “anyone can be compatible as long as you have similar interests and try to get along” point of view.

The exquisite, enduring feeling that fosters a mutual sense of self-assurance exists between two people or it doesn’t. The simple truth of the matter is that the more difficult your compatibility, the harder you must work to make your relationship work.

You have the option of determining compatibility before you spend years trying to fix something that isn’t fixable. Identifying innate compatibility, and red flag personality issues, can greatly reduce your risk before it’s too late.

Copyright © 2017 Scott Petullo

Astrology: Why Time and Location of Beginnings Matter

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017
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Conventional wisdom contends that people don’t have a choice of the location and time they are born. It’s a reasonable assertion, from an earthly standpoint.

But my long-term findings tell me people are born at the exact location and time in accordance with their personal fate. Thus, on a soul level, before incarnating, the person does have a choice, and it has nothing to do with the likes and dislikes of their current personality.

Before someone injects class warfare into this topic and chides me for blaming people for being born into poverty, that isn’t what I’m doing.

I merely report my findings and they show that personal fate (numerous key, life circumstances) is reflected in the comprehensive astrology and numerology charts. A person may or may not like my findings based on his or her birth time and location, but he or she may also not like the fact that night is dark, winter is cold, rain is wet, or an infinite number of other life circumstances and situations. Such is life.

The world is replete with people who were born into poverty yet went on to live a successful and happy life, with or without wealth.

The world is also replete with people who were born into opulence and lived the riches to rags story. The failures may be blamed on early abuse or bad luck, but from a spiritual standpoint, fate trumps logic; a person ends up where they end up at the end of their life because that’s what their personal fate dictates.

A common argument about birth times and places goes like this: “But he could have been born and hour earlier or later, and how do you know the birth minute is correct?”

The fact is (for verified birth times), he wasn’t born an hour earlier or later, and the patterns in his comprehensive charts reflect his overall lifetime themes impeccably, as everyone’s unique patterns do.

As for the birth minute, I automatically assume the birth minute isn’t correct in all cases. Rectification, a process where you weigh multiple potential approximate times of birth in relation to key themes, starting at birth onward, is necessary for every subject to ensure the highest accuracy.

If the minute of birth isn’t known, I can still work with the approximate time. I can even work with only the known full date of birth to ferret out approximate key life conditions, though the closest to exact time and location is preferred.

Births, and other significant beginnings, such as new relationships, jobs, projects, product launches and others, appear to be arbitrary, but I believe they are predestined.

Once you see, as I do, the regular repetition of astrological and numerological patterns corresponding to people’s life circumstances, it’s easy to stop rejecting the concept of fate.

You have free will, but within the confines of your unique personal fate. I say that to also remind you of the rewarding parts of your life.

My recommendation is to live your life with purpose, set realistic goals, and strive to do your best without worrying if the stars are aligned properly for your objectives. When you do initiate (or plan to) something momentous, whether it’s personal or professional, note the time, location, and date, then look into the astrology and numerology.

Not knowing where a particular river goes doesn’t nullify the fact that the beginning leads to the result. The ancients would have thought of our modern-day satellite technology enabling us to map geography, knowing what to expect miles ahead, as something only available to the gods.

The same concept, mapping, applies to divining the general outline of personal fate: the results are consistently acquired from the same groups of factors. When you see, for example, the same fifty-plus indicators symbolizing financial prosperity over and over, it’s easy to conclude the subject will be prosperous.

Time and location of beginnings do matter in astrology and numerology because the culmination is in the starting point. Knowing the general inclination of the ultimate outcome allows you to greatly limit your risk.

Copyright © 2017 Scott Petullo

Astrology Q&A: Astrological Forecasts–Which Ones to Follow

Monday, March 27th, 2017
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“When reading or listening to astrological forecasts, how would I know whether to listen to Sun sign, Moon sign, or my Rising sign?”

My advice is to avoid Sun sign, Moon sign, Rising sign, and other, similar astrological forecasts (“horoscopes”). They’re too general to apply to any specific person.

This type of astrology contrasts with ancient methodologies and didn’t exist before the 1900s. It’s comparable to processed junk food, which ultimately only harms you.

If the forecast is instead relaying information about what’s occurring with the Sun or Moon (quite different than standard horoscopes), for example, then that may be a little helpful because you could apply it to your natal patterns, if you’re familiar with them.

Still, hundreds of natal factors form patterns, and the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant are only a small part all the possible patterns. The symbolism of any single factor is either strengthened or mitigated by the energy of the others. Transiting Saturn in Aries, for example, may be part of a complex pattern that symbolizes unwelcome relationship challenges to one person. To the next person, it may have zero relevance.

Although you can get an idea of the cyclical nature of life by tracking basic astrology events, accurate prediction and personality assessment require a highly personalized approach.

Copyright © 2017 Scott Petullo

Full Moon in Capricorn July 19 2016

Monday, July 18th, 2016
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A Full Moon occurs on July 19, 2016. It’s exact at 3:56 p.m. PDT, 27 degrees 40 minutes Capricorn.

Although lots of anecdotal evidence supports the notion of increased activity involving emergency workers and in hospital emergency rooms during a Full Moon (particularly during a lunar eclipse), mainstream science doesn’t support it.

Scientific studies do show, however, a greater amount of hunting activity in nocturnal wild animals (including some of you reading this, perhaps?) around the time of the Full Moon.

The Moon entered the sign of Capricorn July 17, 2016 at 12:32 p.m. PDT after a lengthy Moon Void of Course (scroll down after clicking) beginning at 8:44 p.m. PDT on July 16, 2016.

Regarding Moon Void of Course episodes, I ignore the Moon’s Ptolemaic aspects with Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, going backward one Ptolemaic aspect (in this case, to a trine with Mars, at 8:44 p.m. PDT) because I find it’s a more accurate representation of the Moon Void of Course.

The Moon remains in the sign of Capricorn until it enters the sign of Aquarius 8:10 p.m. PDT July 19, 2016.

By sign, the Full Moon phase lasts the entire span of the transit through the sign of Capricorn, as outlined above.

Considering it takes multiple indicators, forming patterns, to reflect key circumstances and events in your life, you won’t be able to prophesize exclusively by this single indicator. But you can still use it to your advantage.

Tracking Moon transits allows you to witness the cyclical nature of life, gives you some very useful insight, and can even help you limit your risk to some extent.

See this page for select Moon astrology secrets.

Copyright © 2016 Scott Petullo

Mars Goes Direct June 29 2016

Monday, June 27th, 2016
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Mars goes direct June 29, 2016 at 4:38 p.m. PDT (23 degrees, 03 minutes Scorpio) after being retrograde since April 17, 2016, as shown in this bar graph.

Although Mars retrograde doesn’t actually involve Mars turning around and retreating, it does appear that way from Earth due to the planets’ respective orbits.

An aside, my findings show astrological phenomena symbolize events and circumstances in people’s lives instead of influencing or making things happen. Signs, including those above in the heavens, are all around you and have effectively served as omens for eons.

Mars goes retrograde for about 80 days, about every two years. Mars represents masculine energy, action, competition, fights, strife, enmity, and a lot more. The further a heavenly body is away from the Sun, the longer the duration of retrograde.

Retrogrades are considered an astrological affliction, but only one of many and it takes multiples to make a significant symbolic impact. Also, as with any universal event (e.g., eclipses, etc.), pay attention to where it occurs in your natal patterns to get the most insight.

Since Mars has to do with, in part, strife, aggression, action, and the utilization of energy, Mars retrograde period can involve, for example, dealing with an enemy from the past, misdirected anger, or taking a different approach in how you deal with dissension. For some, Mars retrograde is a non-event and for others it’s emblematic of key life circumstances.

The magnitude of the circumstances depends on your natal patterns, including the potency and health of your natal Mars. Generally, the worse shape your natal Mars, the worse the conditions.

At the very least, vitality may be diminished or the execution of personal energy may be out of sorts. Inward, instead of outward directing of energy—repression—is symbolic of Mars retrograde, especially with those born under Mars retrograde.

Copyright © 2016 Scott Petullo

Lunar Eclipse March 23 2016

Monday, March 14th, 2016
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A lunar eclipse occurs March 23, 2016. It’s exact by degree at 5:00 a.m. PDT, 03 degrees 17 minutes Libra.

This cosmic event offers you an opportunity to witness the symbolism of astrology.

Lunar eclipses, in general terms, represent challenges in your daily life. Be very careful with major investments and purchases, medical procedures, contracts, and other crucial matters two to three weeks leading up to, and especially the few days before and after an eclipse.

Discernment tends to be faulty during eclipses; short-term, illogical apprehension in the financial markets is common.

Other concerns seem adequate but aren’t, such as the prospects of a new friendship.

Lunar eclipses are a time to avoid impulsive actions and limit your risk.

Of course, you can’t just avoid all decisions, effectively putting your life on hold during eclipses. Live your life the way you normally would, but be a little more cautious.

My findings show that timing matters, immensely. The moment of inception of any given plan, idea, connection or whatever speaks volumes about its value.

A momentous new idea, business launch, or other important matters occurring during an eclipse won’t necessarily make it fruitless, but it’s likely to turn out differently and less in your favor than expected.

This bar graph includes the March 23, 2016 lunar eclipse, and other basic astrology events.

Read more about eclipses here.

Copyright © 2016 Scott Petullo

Solar Eclipse March 8 2016

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016
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A solar eclipse occurs March 8, 2016. It’s exact by degree at 5:54 p.m. PDT, 18 degrees 55 minutes Pisces.

Overall, the symbolism of eclipses isn’t fortunate, but solar eclipses are usually less problematic than lunar eclipses.

It’s an oversimplification, but it’s reasonable to view lunar eclipses as symbolic death and solar eclipses as rebirth. Lunar eclipse equates to endings, and solar to beginnings.

Approximately three weeks before and several days after an eclipse, perception tends to be distorted; certain things appear to be fine when they aren’t, and other things seem amiss but are actually better than they appear. Temporary panic in the financial markets is a typical theme (to a greater extent during lunar eclipses).

Be extra cautious with all legal contracts, major purchases, new associations and relationships of all kinds, and other important matters during eclipses because things just aren’t as they seem.

Please note, astrology symbolizes circumstances, it doesn’t influence you or make things happen. I can’t tell you why discernment tends to be distorted during eclipses, it just is. I merely report the findings of my long-term empirical research, outline personality and personal timing, and interpret personal fate.

The bar graph in this blog post includes the March 8, 2016 solar eclipse, along with other basic astrology events.

Read more about eclipses here.

Copyright © 2016 Scott Petullo

Mercury Retrograde January 5 2016 to January 25 2016

Monday, December 28th, 2015
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Observe the cyclical nature of life by taking note of Mercury retrograde and the associated complications, and you may be able to reduce your overall risk a little.

Telltale signs of this astrological occurrence include addressing unfinished business from the past, miscommunication, timing setbacks including delays and scheduling problems, and your perception not being as clear as usual.

See this page for an extensive list of Mercury retrograde features and a general timeline.

As outlined in the linked page above, the approximate three weeks before Mercury retrograde can be more problematic than the actual retrograde period.

Mercury retrograde January 2016 details:

  1. Mercury goes retrograde 1-5-2016 at 5:05 a.m. PST, 01 degree 02 minutes Aquarius.
  2. Mercury goes direct 1-25-2016 at 1:49 p.m. PST, 14 degrees 54 minutes Capricorn.

This bar graph includes the January 2016 Mercury retrograde period, along with other basic astrology events.

Copyright © 2015 Scott Petullo

Relationship and Partnership Compatibility: Follow Up Q & A

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015
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Regarding what you wrote about compatibility, even if the energy is terrible between two people, if they both act maturely and fairly, it doesn’t have to be an absolute disaster, things don’t have to escalate. It seems to me that with the right effort, the worst connection can be as wonderful and productive as the best connection. Do you agree?”

I disagree. In a perfect world, things would never escalate and you would be able to forever avoid interpersonal challenges in even the most demanding partnerships. But we don’t live in a perfect world.

In a perfect world war wouldn’t exist either, but war has always been a fact of life and I expect it to continue because evil people will always exist.

Maturity and being fair surely helps two people get along. But innate, extremely adverse energy between two people makes the relationship grueling from the start.

The more challenging the natural energetic connection, personal or business, the harder you have to work at it. If you spend 80% of your energy bolstering your sense of compassion and detachment trying to rise above the native problematic energy of the partnership, you don’t have a wonderful relationship.

My long-term empirical research shows that you can’t transform the inborn energy of a difficult relationship into that of a naturally rewarding relationship.

Again, the natural, unique energy simply exists between the two people from the very beginning of the connection. The compatibility I’m referring to is esoteric and definable through my systems of analysis.

It has nothing to do with how the two people react, or red flag personality issues, or if one steals from or otherwise hurts the other person. Those concerns are an entirely different partnership issue.

Innately Favorable Connections

The inherent energy may be very favorable between two people, but both, for example, may have a tendency, particularly while under pressure, to be fiery and confrontational in communication. For example, one invariably expresses her annoyance about some petty issue and the trouble begins.

Worse, both uncompromisingly refuse to tolerate such behavior from the other and, or deny any wrongdoing completely, compounding the problem and intensifying the discord.

Things don’t have to escalate in a connection that is awful from the start if you both manage to forever grin and bear it (which is doubtful), but you’ll be putting most of your energy toward avoiding disaster instead of enjoyment, or productive gains if it’s a business relationship.

You don’t have to wonder any longer if you’re truly compatible, or if that person has hidden red flag personality issues.

Copyright © 2015 Scott Petullo

Relationship and Partnership Compatibility: 7 Secrets Revealed

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015
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Your life, personal and professional, is replete with opportunities for partnerships.

Even so, it’s too easy to waste an enormous amount of time, energy, and money before figuring out that compatibility, beyond surface kinship, is nonexistent between you and another person.

Conventional science hasn’t figured out how to assess compatibility before it’s too late, and deep-rooted, disruptive peculiarities between individuals have mystified people for thousands of years.

However, the principles I’ve formed through long-term empirical research can save you a lot of pain.

Below I list seven relationship and partnership compatibility secrets.

1. Forces beyond your control determine the real compatibility between you and another person.

Most people realize that person A and person B innately have a different level of compatibility than person B and person C. The unique energy is fixed no matter their maturity level or how well they try to get along.

Even if person A and person B have all the same interests and similar backgrounds, their relationship will be a struggle if the inherent compatibility is terrible.

Likewise, even if person B and person C have nothing in common and share completely different backgrounds, if the compatibility is high, they will enjoy a congenial connection.

2. Compatibility is measurable. I accurately measure it in my unique systems of analysis involving handwriting analysis and comprehensive astrology and numerology.

Extremes in compatibility are easy for me to identify. These distinctive extremes (good and bad) exist between some couples, but not all, because the energy is exclusive between each two individuals.

You’ve likely encountered a connection in which discord reigns, no matter what you do. Or you’ve encountered the opposite, harmony and like-mindedness.

Or how about those connections, personal or professional in which it practically rains abundance and rewards? Or the opposite, those that represent cruel trials and struggles? Or, those unions that seem to be a dream come true at first, until it becomes a nightmare? Or how about love life relationships where the sex is so astoundingly good or the opposite, pathetic? Or how about business relationships where two intelligent, successful individuals who both lack any significant personality red flags are baffled by unforeseen exploits that destroy the partnership?

I identify all of these types of extremes and more, before they unfold, through my systems of analysis.

3. Challenging innate compatibility is not your fault and it isn’t the other person’s fault.

Aside from one partner ripping off the other or otherwise intentionally hurting the other, in which case blame would be appropriate, a wise person would not blame the other for the natural, severe idiosyncrasies within the union that neither has any control over.

4. In some cases, blame may be appropriate if compatibility is favorable but one person possesses personality flaws that make the connection impossible.

An individual’s onerous personality challenges such as vanity, domineering tendencies, anger, drug and alcohol problems, stubbornness, and others can ruin even the best innate energy between her and another person. Extreme red flag personality traits are identifiable through handwriting analysis, part of my systems of analysis.

5. Everyone has different personal timing and timing does matter immensely in partnerships.

Shared or agreeable collective timing can contribute greatly to amicable rapport or even serve as the foundation for it. But when personal timing changes so does the relationship (i.e., termination) if it’s based on timing instead of non-timing factors.

6. The harder you must work at a relationship (personal or business), the worse the natural connection between you and the other person.

It’s that simple, though the “all relationships require hard work” crowd will tell you otherwise. Unless you have no choice, you’re better off avoiding burdensome connections.

7. Intrinsic compatibility isn’t a choice and if it’s not there you can’t create it. It won’t improve or get worse no matter what you think or do.

Perhaps you’ve heard, “as long as you try to get along with someone you can.” That’s only true to a point. No matter how much you try to see the good in another, and no matter how much she does the same, it won’t change the natural energy between you. It’s not a choice; it’s simply something you can’t alter.

Think of how much time and money you can save knowing if negative extremes exist between you and another person.

You don’t have to wonder any longer if you’re truly well matched, or if that person has hidden red flag personality issues.

Copyright © 2015 Scott Petullo