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Modern Astrological Synastry: More Often Than not, Erroneous Results

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010
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Aside from wanting to know when they will fall in love, one of the most common questions an astrologer receives is “how is the synastry between us?”

In other words, they want to know about astrological compatibility.

Astrological synastry involves comparing the basic natal horoscopes of two or more people. Relationships between the houses and planets are outlined, attempting to display the degree of compatibility.

Unfortunately, a tremendous amount of valuable methodology from ancient times has been abandoned in favor of more easily marketed astrology. The result is triviality, and legions of misinformed people.

Time and time again, the collective findings from handwriting analysis and comprehensive charting involving astrology and numerology demonstrate to me that favored modern astrological methods such as synastry, solar returns, transits, progressions, and others to be only useful for firming up an existing, comprehensive analysis. By themselves, they are all but worthless.

By the way, nothing “affects” you in astrology. It symbolizes. The only effect is very minor gravitational pull from the Sun and Moon.

The most advantageous approach to discerning compatibility is to first thoroughly outline each person’s personality (including subconscious personality through handwriting analysis), then exhaustively delineate each individual’s timing (it can make or break a relationship and each person has unique timing), then do synastry as a means to fine-tune the analysis.

Astrological synastry, as it is practiced today, won’t allow you to identify key relationship issues, such as lack of self-esteem, emotional maturity, conflict avoidance, withdrawal, fear of intimacy, and restlessness with a decent level of accuracy. It only offers shallow generalities.

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