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Astrology Q&A About T-Squares and “Integration” – Exposing Nonsense

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011
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“How can I integrate a fixed t-square of a 3rd house Pluto in Leo with Mercury in Taurus (11th), and Moon in Scorpio (5th)? I have Aquarius on the 9th house cusp (which I assume is the “empty leg.”) I have traveled, love ancient history, education, meditation, etc., but still have difficulty with 2nd house issues, namely, money.”


Sorry to hear about your financial issues.

In order to save you a lot of time, although your financial concerns may be real, I must tell you that the method with which you’re delineating is insignificant.

In my experience, financial concerns would never be exclusively (not even close) reflected by the mere handful of factors you list.

I’ve found t-squares and the Ptolemaic aspects that comprise them to be only modifying agents, if that. You can’t rely on them as stand-alone factors.

It’s recommended that you move beyond modern astrology techniques and study ancient methodologies, up to about 1700 AD or so.


You can make the most of your circumstances and strive to get ahead, but you can’t always erase and formulate life conditions to your desire. Lots of events and situations in your life are fixed and, or come out of left field, and you can’t change them—you’ll have better luck trying to stop a tsunami. There are no magic wand solutions, despite what you may have been told.

Additionally, working hard and smart will only get you so far within the realm of your distinctive predestination. Such a stance has been ridiculed as “too limiting,” or “fatalistic,” but I’m simply reporting my findings.

What’s really “limiting” is the outright rejection of the theory of predestination, especially without objectively exploring it. It’s condescending to ignore the complexity of someone’s unique personal adversity, dismissively chalk up their problems to “not working smart enough (or hard enough),” and proclaim, “I’ve made lots of money and you can too.”


If, by “integration,” you’re referring to learning how to cope with it, detaching from it, or even trying to modify it to some degree, I wish you the best with that.

However, “integration” sounds like more of a concern for a therapist, not an analyst.

“Counseling” astrologers exist, but all too often I’ve found them to base their work on psychological astrology, which is not genuine astrology, in my view.

Unfortunately, modern astrology has moved too far away from authentic astrology: outlining personal predestination and character. Try as you might, you can’t cheat fate no matter how creative you get with interpretation, but you can make the most of it.

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Copyright © 2011 Scott Petullo

Astrology in its Modern Form: a Rotten Shell of its Original State

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009
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Astrologers enamored with modern methods claim that astrology must “…promote human freedom…” and that ancient astrology “…is not aligned with modern times…”

Instead, our findings tell us this: modern astrology’s psycho-speak, trippy subjectivity and softened-up-reality-to-the-point-of-distortion drives you to cloud and misjudge reality and tells you what you want to hear. The escapist and fly-in-the-face-of-truth inspirational babble of modern astrology makes it easier to sell books and drawn-out counseling sessions through its exclusive application. This is by design.

Ancient astrology calls it like it is, pointing out the hard, cold realities of life and giving you infinitely more clarity.

There’s nothing “limiting” about ancient methods involving astrology (and numerology) other than helping you limit delusional thinking.

The revered astrologers and number mystics of days of old wouldn’t be amused if they learned what has become of these ancient esoteric sciences.

There is no room for political correctness in delineation and prediction, and you have to wonder about those who promote such programs. Distorting the foundation of a body of science (based on empirical observation) to make it sexier, more appealing to the masses, and adhere to a sales target and philosophical agenda is a crime against those who worked so hard to develop the practices since the dawn of humanity. This tragedy has been occurring during the last 100 years or so. The truth will eventually come out, and we are happy to be a part of the process.

Although, thankfully, the world is moving towards equal rights for all, not everyone is born with the same levels of ability and the same amount of karmic reward in life. Your soul (not your personality in this life) may have chosen steep adversity in any number of life situations, yet being promised a magic solution, an imaginary escape through feel-good astrological poetry, is preposterous and snake-oil marketing at its worst.

Most Core Life Experiences Are Fated

The Led Zeppelin song “Stairway to Heaven” notes “…there’s still time to change the road you’re on…” and there is in some cases (which is likely fated too in our view), but remember our theory that at least 75% of all life circumstances—the main stuff, the core events of your life—are predestined.

Some have asked if it’s possible to use that remaining 25% to create whatever you want, no matter what, and if it would alter the rest of your personal fate. While we do believe it’s possible to “create” within the framework of your fate, we’ve noticed through empirical research that no one, no matter how aware or spiritual they are, can change the major conditions that are fated (and predictable) in their life. You certainly have free will, but it will not allow you to sidestep destined experiences. “Creating reality with your thoughts” only goes so far.

Outrageous Claims by New Age Marketers

We understand that our convictions contrast with some of the “experts” on the best-seller lists, such as those who claim “anything is possible.” Without having actually done the intuitive/psychic work and, or work involving comprehensive charting with astrology and numerology to test the “anything is possible” belief–we’ve found no other ways to properly examine the idea that immutable life circumstances exist for everyone—you must ask yourself how any ethical person in their right mind can make such wild claims as “infinite blessings are available to you–all you have to do is read my book, pay for my seminar,…” et al.

By declaring that the law of attraction alone was responsible for creating something, yet not having thoroughly examined if that something was already fated to happen, you must ask yourself, how can the author of The Secret legitimately make such claims? What about the many people who have bought the book or seen the movie who gave it their all in the context of The Secret guidance, but couldn’t manifest what they wanted? What is the author’s response to those people, besides holding them accountable, e.g., not “believing” enough, or ignoring an additional angle to The Secret that they must investigate for another $19.95?

Trap of Using Modern Methods Exclusively

Astrologers who move beyond modern methods eventually discover that a huge amount of information, past, present, and future, about your life can be seen in the comprehensive charts.

Those who don’t move beyond modern methods and philosophies speak of fate and destiny as two different concepts: “Destiny is just potential and fate is what happens if you don’t make an effort to reach your destiny.” In this line of thinking, the term destiny is made inspirational and fate is designated as something to be avoided at all costs. This is false and misleading, of course, and it’s the type of pull-the-wool-over-your-eyes, creative language that steers you away from truth.

Personal Adversity is Necessary for Growth

Such an approach inherently denies the necessity (spiritually speaking) and unavoidability of varying degrees of personal adversity. Destiny and fate show up in the comprehensive charts as the same thing, we’ve found, and we believe anyone who tells you otherwise may mean well, but ultimately is merely reading poetry to you instead helping you to constructively face and deal with the actualities of life through constructive analysis of your charts.

Copyright © 2009 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo