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Numerology, Demonic Energy, and 6-6-6: June 24 2013

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013
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Remember the year 2006 when people were talking about the date 6-6-2006 (“6-6-6”) and numerology?

A well-known Los Angeles based comedian/radio talk show host said that he and his wife decided to postpone the birth of their son by cesarean until 6-7-2006 because, “We didn’t want him associated with the 6-6-6 thing,” ostensibly referring to numerology, demonic energy, and 6-6-6.

Although 6-6-2006 does have a lot of 6-energy in a numerological sense, it’s not a pure 6-6-6; it possesses less 6-energy than 6-6-2004, for instance. 6-6-2006 is really 6-6-8 (2+0+0+6=8).

6-6-2004 is an authentic 6-6-6. The 6 in 2006 is a sub-factor and is inferior to the 6 found through 2+0+0+4=6, though any double or triple digit sequence representatively holds exceptional other-dimensional energy.

In Western society, 6-6-6 is commonly linked to the devil, satanic energy, and hell. My findings tell me that while the 666 combination can be associated with absolute stasis and being a conduit for dark energy in its over-balanced or under-balanced form, the date, by itself, won’t bring demons to your doorstep.

My view is that, generally, it’s very auspicious to be born on a 6-6-6 date, for example, versus any other date. Overall, it’s a very favorable number combination.

The balanced form of 6-6-6 includes an enormous amount of rewards and positive energy. The form any number or number combination symbolically takes is based on many factors, including how it harmonizes with the collective energy in your comprehensive charts. As with any number or combination of numbers, 6-6-6 can be balanced, over-balanced, or under-balanced.

Did you notice the potent cosmic energy, the number symbolism, this past Saturday, 6-15-2013? It is an authentic 6-6-6 (1+5 = 6 and 2+0+1+3 = 6). It’s doubtful you would have noticed anything, though it’s possible; such a date, in my opinion, does symbolize a stronger connection to the other side. However, each number or date is unique to each person, and universal “lucky” or “unlucky” dates don’t really exist.

The next authentic 6-6-6 is 6-24-2013. After that, the next one is 6-6-2022.

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