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The Great Compatibility Dilemma

October 8th, 2017
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Determining the degree of authentic compatibility between two people is, by conventional wisdom, only something you discover after it’s too late.

Whether it involves business or personal relationships, it takes months or even years to begin to understand the character of your partner.

More than thirty years ago I purchased an astrology profiler report, one of those advertised in New Age magazines in the 1980s. Upon reviewing it I sensed there was some validity to it, but that it was too general and imprecise to accurately represent genuine personality.

Since then, through obsessive analysis and empirical observation, I’ve developed a system of checks and balances that involves comprehensive astrology, numerology, and handwriting analysis to determine personality, compatibility, and the timing of personal fate.

Below I outline select key findings and tips to help you save time and avoid the mistakes I made.

  1. Report writing software and similar programs (including the software we currently sell) serve as decent introductions to astrology and numerology, but unfortunately, that’s all they do. All report writing software is based on Ptolemaic aspects (conjunction, square, trine, etc.), elements (fire, air, water, earth), connections between planets and houses, lunar and solar returns, and other elementary components of basic natal charts. It would take an army of programmers decades to write the code necessary for software that could begin to effectively outline character and timing like a seasoned analyst.
  2. Meditate regularly, without fail. Whether it’s to know the next best step to take, to understand another person better, or to figure out how to formulate your own systems of analysis, daily meditation is vital, even if it’s only 10 minutes.
  3. Consider motivations and personality red flags first, then compatibility. Once you know his or her motivations (e.g., money, ego, personal accomplishment, competition, creativity, etc.) and problem characteristics (e.g., evasiveness, narcissism, emotional volatility, emotional immaturity, domineering tendencies, defiance, etc.), determining compatibility is easier.
  4. Remember that everyone has his or her own unique personality challenges and strengths, and nobody is perfect.
  5. Nobody is perfectly honest all of the time. Various forms of dishonesty exist, but most dishonesty is harmless.
  6. Most people are not rational creatures. They always act emotionally and rationalize their behavior by offering logical reasons that aren’t the real reasons.
  7. Real personality traits emerge under pressure or stress. Do something challenging with your partner to get an idea of his or her authentic character. Long-distance travel is a good test, preferably involving heavy jet lag.
  8. The “unexplainable draw” (frequently at the start of the union) is often a good thing, but sometimes not in that it can unfortunately represent the magnetism necessary to learn some of life’s tough lessons.
  9. Everyone has his or her own unique karma, both rewarding and challenging, inside and outside of relationships, and the tough stuff can’t be erased with a magic wand. Personal fate is immutable.
  10. Compatibility isn’t a choice, it’s something two people innately possess, and each two-person connection is unique.
  11. If you spend more than half your energy boosting your sense of detachment and compassion trying to rise above the innately challenging energy of the partnership, you don’t have a satisfactory relationship.
  12. Collective personal timing is immensely important in regards to partnerships of all types. It can be a godsend, or an affliction.
  13. Nobody has perfect compatibility, no matter how harmonious it appears.
  14. Few people have fantastic compatibility that endures.
  15. Most people have mediocre compatibility.
  16. Regarding romantic compatibility, the vast majority of couples aren’t well suited enough to enjoy life-long, monogamous, mutual sexual compatibility. Pretending all is well in the bedroom is a universal pastime.
  17. Besides motivations, personality red flags, and personal timing and karma, mental, physical/sexual, intellectual, social, and emotional compatibility should be reviewed as well to get a good idea of the overall rapport.

You can learn a lot about compatibility by applying unconventional methods. Knowing how you match with another person can deepen your understanding and reduce your overall risk. 

Copyright © 2017 Scott Petullo

Numerology and Master Number 11: 2018

September 25th, 2017
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Universal shifts of greater than average magnitude have occurred regularly since the beginning of time, so 2018, an 11 Universal Year, won’t be the most extraordinary year ever. But 2018 is a unique number.

The Universal Year number is derived by adding the digits of the calendar year together to yield a single number: 2018 = 2+0+1+8 = 11. Normally you’d also reduce the double-digit number 11 to a single digit number, but 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99 are special cases, otherwise known as Master Numbers.

These demanding numbers symbolize a stronger than average link to other dimensions (i.e., “the other side”). Consequently, Master Numbers can represent great rewards, great challenges, or both.

As stated in this blog post, “Cusp periods carry over as far as 50% into the next cycle, so new starts (in a universal sense) are still appropriate well into 2018, but by July 2018 things will be slowing down significantly, in a manner of speaking.” Read more about Universal Years and Universal Years vs. personal cycles in that blog post.

Cusp periods of the next cycle also start just beyond the 75% mark of the current cycle. Therefore, the cusp of the Universal Year of 2018/11 begins October 1st, 2017, which also begins an 11 Universal Month (add the current Universal Year, 2017, to the calendar month to yield the Universal Month number).

You may have heard talk about 11-11-11 leading up to November 2011, but 2011 only includes an 11 sub-factor and isn’t a pure 11 Universal Year, but instead a 4 Universal Year. The 4 dominates the 11 in this case.

Many universal factors can be derived using the month, day, and year, and the number 11 shows up sometimes more often in dates that don’t appear to include it, such as 2-9-2000. The Universal Year vibration is a good starting point in studying universal, non-personal cycles.

2009 was the most recent 11 Universal Year, occurring for the first time since 1910. Others include 1901, 1820, 1811, and so on.

You probably didn’t notice anything unusual about 2009, which isn’t surprising. Besides the Universal Year factor representing subtle energy, personal fate is symbolized by patterns of personal factors, not universal factors. Regardless, learning about this number and the Universal Year cycle gives you a glimpse into number mysticism.

More about the number 11:

  1. After the new-beginnings type energy of the 1 in a 9-year Universal Cycle, the 2 (or in this case 11), is like slamming on the brakes. Things slow down and patience is required.
  2. 11 is the opposite of mundane. It’s a direct connection to the unseen planes so pretenses and illusions disappear as the window shade snaps open and the truth is seen in the light of day. It can sometimes be shocking.
  3. Those with 11 heavily represented in their comprehensive numerology charts are frequently brilliant, though in unconventional ways. These are the way-showers, the unique individuals who offer unusual and dynamic solutions and new ways of thinking.
  4. Those with a lot of this number are often misunderstood as “crazy” because their thinking is so far distant from the mainstream. Those with balanced 11 aren’t crazy, but have a direct connection to the other side; they cut through facades and get to the heart of what really matters, sometimes in unsettling ways relative to societal norms.
  5. Prophetic dreams, seeing apparitions, and visions of future occurrences, for example, relate to this special number.
  6. Due to it being so other-dimensional, it often relates to health challenges; nervous tension, hypersensitivity, and anxiety are common problems.
  7. 11 is an unpredictable number and clashes with smoothly running affairs. Expect the unexpected and, or trouble under this exceptional number.
  8. It symbolizes fame and the opposite, infamy.
  9. The under-balanced and over-balanced side of it includes duplicity, dark energy, disturbing events, black magic, insanity, and betrayal. The high side involves constructive idealism, masterful diplomacy, spiritual awareness, and prophecy.
  10. Finances and other mundane concerns don’t do well under heavy 11. Though under balanced 11, with supporting patterns, monetary matters flourish.

Although it’s only one universal indicator, and personal indictors are required to delineate personal fate, you can still get an idea of the cyclical nature of time by recognizing the Universal Year.

Copyright © 2017 Scott Petullo

Numerology and the Occult: Number 1 and 2017

September 11th, 2017
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Ancient astrology and number mysticism adepts believed very little in life was by chance. “All is number,” said Pythagoras.

Consistently and accurately discerning personal fate through divination techniques demands much time and discipline, but you can get a sense of the cyclical nature of time by tracking select basic universal cycles.

The word “occult,” by the way, simply refers to hidden knowledge, such as the functional mystical information prophetic masters amassed through eons of meticulous evaluation.

One of the most common universal numerology cycles is the Universal Year number. Simply add the digits of the calendar year together to yield a single number.

2017 = 2+0+1+7 = 10 = 1+0 = 1. 2017 is a 1 Universal Year.

The current universal calendar is inherently mathematically sound and linked to cosmic time; there’s nothing arbitrary about calendar dates, thus numerology cycles such as the Universal Year.

Universal cycles, such as the Universal Year, are used to derive personal cycles. Hundreds of personal cycles form patterns that symbolize personal fate.

Those doing this sort of work eventually learn that a “this (single cycle or natal indicator) means that (specific event or life circumstance)” is a flawed approach.

In other words, when tracking a subject’s key life circumstances, you’ll notice that major life events happen only sometimes under single indicators, yet they always happen under select groups of indicators. It takes multiple factors to represent predetermination and everyone has different timing.

Personal cycles are more potent to you but universal cycles are easier to track for the uninitiated.

Now that we’re well beyond the August 2017 eclipses, and Mercury went direct September 5th 2017, along with the fact that 75% through each numerology cycle the related energy is at a peak point (September marks the 75% point in the 2017/1 Universal Year cycle—U.Yr. cycles start on January 1st each year), the 1-energy is weighty right now. The New Moon September 19, 2017 makes it even more significant.

Whatever is initiated in a 1 period, generally, has staying power and influence (the good and the bad), dictating the course of the next eight years (considering it’s a nine-year cycle). Incidentally, my findings show numbers represent events and circumstances; they don’t make things happen.

You’ll notice trends symbolized by the nine-year Universal Year cycle. For example, by 2008 (a 1 Universal Year), it was finally feasible to be mobile with one’s work, in terms of technology. Laptops and power adaptors started to become far less bulky, Internet access was easier to find and speeds were finally reasonable, smart phones were becoming the norm, and they didn’t require constant charging. It took a couple more years, but by 2010 things had progressed just a bit more to the point where one could be comfortably mobile with his or her work.

Now, 2017, perhaps we’ll see some more exciting technology developments over the next few years (e.g., machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc.), which will become the norm by 2026.

Cusp periods carry over as far as 50% into the next cycle, so new starts (in a universal sense) are still appropriate well into 2018, but by July 2018 things will be slowing down significantly, in a manner of speaking.

Balanced 1 energy is symbolic of the following, for example: new beginnings; key advances; change of direction, originality; practicality; confidence; initiative; abundance of inspirational creativity, as with that of a successful performer; fine intellect; worthy competitor; financial rewards; leadership. Examples of under-balanced 1 energy include insecurity, submissiveness, and spinelessness. Examples of over-balanced 1 energy include jealousy, selfishness, elitism, addiction, and excessive aggression.

Aside from universal trends like the one illustrated above, astrology and numerology aren’t like the weather. Universal predictions that apply to everyone on a personal level are nonexistent because each universal factor (e.g., Universal Year) relates to each person differently. The universal energy is important, but how it harmonizes with your natal patterns prevails.

Even so, you can get an idea of the cyclical nature of time by tracking select universal cycles, such as the Universal Year.

Copyright © 2017 Scott Petullo

The Great Failed Relationship Dilemma

August 28th, 2017
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It may surprise you that many relationships are predetermined to not last forever, that is, end sooner than expected.

An acquaintance recently endured a painful divorce. She did everything the way she was supposed to, including treating her mate with dignity, love, and respect. Her mate got tired of the relationship and left her for another lover.

The problem is that sometimes, no matter what you do, things don’t go the way you want.

Before you call me a fatalist, let’s agree that you can’t choose the way you’ll be tested in life, no matter how much you strive toward your goals, or how many inspirational books you read.

The term “failed relationship” is reminiscent of expecting a beloved pet to live as long as you do. It’s a misnomer for a relationship that lasted as long as it was predestined to last.

It’s not cruel to point out the truth of the matter when you look at it from a spiritual perspective: it was her predetermined path to experience what she experienced, including the pain of the separation.

She knew deep within her subconscious mind from the very beginning that the relationship wasn’t going to be life-long and that her ex wasn’t the monogamous type. “But her mate should have stayed with it,” the idealists say. Yes, it’s best to do all you can to save a relationship, but sometimes, when it’s over, it’s over.

The patterns in her comprehensive astrology and numerology charts symbolize the rough break-up outlined above and did so from the moment she was born.

It isn’t my job to explain why, by the way. For whatever reason, her soul (not her personality) chose that particular life occurrence. I didn’t share my findings with her until after the divorce, though if she had inquired, I would have. Extreme patterns symbolizing significant, troublesome (or the opposite) life episodes are easy for me to identify, though, understandably, not so easy for others to digest.

She couldn’t have been “smarter from the beginning” about the situation. Time and time again, personal fate (the “good” and the “bad”) manifests as outlined in the esoteric patterns and there’s nothing you can do to avoid it, especially since the key “decisions” also appear to be fated. The “unexplainable draw,” the glue that helps to bring about personal predetermination is a relentlessly fascinating study, whether the ultimate karmic plan is rewarding or challenging.

My philosophy is that you should strive to be optimistic and you shouldn’t discourage impressionable people (e.g., children), but don’t exploit their innocence either and tell them anyone can have a harmonious, life-long relationship as long as they are fair-minded.

One solution to this dilemma is to be more business-like about relationships, but few people are willing to do that due to it potentially “killing the romance.” So you have a choice: continue to be swept away by Neptune’s illusion, or avoid the crowd-pleasing platitudes and escapist notions and squarely face reality so that life becomes more tolerable and ultimately more enjoyable.

Copyright © 2017 Scott Petullo

Numerology Case Study–Keep Seeing Same Numbers

August 14th, 2017
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The recurring numbers phenomenon, where you keep seeing the same numbers over and over, has more than one possible explanation.

Recently, I saw the number 75 three times within a couple hours. On my way to the gym I saw a guy wearing a jersey with the number 75 on it. Arriving at the gym, the front desk employee handed locker key-card number 75 to me. After my workout I grabbed the first available shopping basket upon entering a grocery store and noticed 75 again, the number on the basket.

Considering my own experiences and the numerous inquires I’ve received about this phenomenon, I understand the astonishment and confusion.

It’s like seeing a specific object such as a stepladder (in places you wouldn’t normally see stepladders), or overhearing or reading the words “flower garden,” for example, multiple times in a single day. Initially, such occurrences don’t seem to make sense, but delving more deeply into the symbolism sometimes offers answers.

I believe the case I outline above has to do with my personal timing. My personal four-hour numerological period during which I saw the number 75 three times happened to be 75, according to the Chaldean method of addition. I wasn’t consciously aware of it at the time, but I noticed the link that evening, reviewing my personal numerological patterns.

In my instance, the 75 may relate to a specific phase in a project I’m working on becoming easier after an extensive up-hill battle. 75 reduces to 3 through fadic addition: 7+5=12, 1+2=3.

I recommend starting with root numbers in exploring number symbolism. Symbolism for each root number 1-9 can be found here (scroll about half way down the page after clicking).

My findings show three other main explanations for this phenomenon.

  1. Your subconscious mind may be fixated on a particular number for some reason, just like it fixates on specific song lyrics. Sometimes there’s an explanation for it, such as your unconscious mind remembering someone’s birthday, but other times there isn’t. The power of the subconscious mind and the recurring numbers experience are frequently related.
  2. Contact from the other side, such as from a guardian angel or other helper of the Light (or deceased loved one) may manifest through seeing the same number repeatedly. Regular meditation helps in trying to interpret the messages.
  3. It’s possible demons and other negative entities on the other side (lower dimensions) are trying to distract or mislead you. Before you begin to accept the guidance of what you think is a guide of the Light on the other side, make absolutely sure it is. Watch for signs that the “spiritual guide” you access is not for your highest good.

It may take you a while to realize what specifically the mystifying experience of seeing the same numbers over and over relates to in your life, but following the advice above is a step in the right direction. 

Copyright © 2017 Scott Petullo

Solar Eclipse August 21 2017

July 31st, 2017
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A solar eclipse occurs August 21, 2017. It’s exact by degree at 11:30 a.m. PDT, 28 degrees 52 minutes Leo.

Overall, eclipses symbolize difficulties rather than rewards, but solar eclipses are characteristically easier than lunar eclipses.

I agree with time-honored astrological tradition; a “this (a single astrological event) equals that (a specific life circumstance)” doesn’t exist in real astrology.

Today’s astrology featuring almost exclusively sporadic cosmic events is an adulterated form of the ancient science. Authentic astrology demands pattern recognition involving hundreds of (mostly non-sporadic) factors.

Even so, you can glimpse the symbolism of astrology by tracking single factors like eclipses. Or, perhaps you’re one of those rare, exceedingly psychic individuals who can use single factors as touchstones for consistently accurate divination. Generally, lunar eclipses symbolize endings, and solar eclipses beginnings.

As outlined in this blog post, a lunar eclipse occurs August 7, 2017. It’s exact by degree at 11:10 a.m. PDT, 15 degrees 25 minutes Aquarius.

How the symbolism relates to you depends on the patterns in your comprehensive astrology charts. For some this eclipse will be inconsequential, but for others the eclipse and the associated patterns represent key life events and circumstances.

However, about three weeks before and a few days after an eclipse, perception tends to be distorted. Basically, things that seem to be okay may not be, and other things are better than they appear. Bad decisions are a hallmark of eclipses. My findings show this applies to everyone, some more so than others.

Be careful with significant investments, legal contracts, and other high-risk endeavors, including high-risk physical activities.

The bar graph in this blog post includes the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse, along with other basic astrology events.

Read more about eclipses here.

Copyright © 2017 Scott Petullo

Mercury Retrograde August 12 to September 5 2017

July 17th, 2017
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Mercury retrograde takes place in less than a month. It’s an opportunity to observe the cyclical nature of life, and you can also diminish the risk in your everyday life if you’re aware of the usual challenges.

This astrological phenomenon typically includes problems launching new endeavors, communication misunderstandings, and general complications and delays. Perception tends to be less accurate than usual, so proceed cautiously with important decisions and contracts.

Revisiting the past is common too. It’s an auspicious time to develop new solutions to old problems of all sorts, along with finally letting go of past issues. You may encounter delays and blocks with new undertakings during Mercury retrograde, but you’ll find already established projects, activities, or ventures flowing more smoothly.

See this page for a thorough list of Mercury retrograde features and a general timeline.

As mentioned in the linked information above, the approximate three-week period leading up to Mercury retrograde is usually more troublesome than the actual retrograde period. 

Mercury retrograde August—September 2017 details:

  1. Mercury goes retrograde 8-12-2017 at 6:00 p.m. PDT, 11 degrees 38 minutes Virgo.
  2. Mercury goes direct 9-5-2017 at 4:29 a.m. PDT, 28 degrees 25 minutes Leo.

The bar graph in this post includes the August–September 2017 Mercury retrograde period, along with other basic astrology events.

Copyright © 2017 Scott Petullo

Lunar Eclipse August 7 2017

July 2nd, 2017
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A lunar eclipse occurs August 7, 2017. It’s exact by degree at 11:10 a.m. PDT, 15 degrees 25 minutes Aquarius.

This lunar eclipse takes place in about five weeks, though three to four weeks before the eclipse and a few days after is approximately the window of time that eclipse-related issues manifest. Thus, avoid excessive risk during that period.

See this blog post for more information about limiting your overall risk during an eclipse.

Judgment tends to be skewed during eclipse periods, particularly during lunar eclipses. Be more cautious with weighty decisions, avoid impulsiveness and reckless behavior, and remember that things may not be quite as they appear.

The bar graph in this blog post includes the August 7, 2017 lunar eclipse, along with other basic astrology events.

Copyright © 2017 Scott Petullo

Hidden Compatibility Factor is Measurable

June 19th, 2017
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Fundamental human compatibility has more to do with factors other than mundane matters such as interests, background, physical appearance, hobbies, and career. The underpinnings are largely due to unseen, esoteric dynamics.

I would have been skeptical of such a notion prior to twenty-plus years of seeing this phenomenon in real life examples countless times.

Extremes in compatibility illustrate my thesis. You meet someone new and from the very beginning it’s either mutual rapport, or mutual distaste.

Conventional science explains such a scenario through fears, defenses and biases. For example, person A is prejudiced against those like person B, and likewise with person B.

However, I’m referring to the situation where person A and person B aren’t biased whatsoever; they simply naturally despise each other for unexplained reasons. Or, the opposite, they can’t get enough of each other.

You’ve likely found yourself in this situation before, and it’s too easy to blame the other person for the innate strife in the connection, in the case of terrible compatibility.

But if you pay attention, you’ll notice a unique compatibility between every two-person arrangement and there’s nothing you can do to alter it.

Fantastic compatibility either exists between two people, or it doesn’t, and it’s measurable. I’m speaking of innate compatibility, before you factor in any red-flag personality issues, physical attraction, and different types and levels of intelligence, including emotional intelligence.

Affinity between two people could be inherently magnificent, but subconscious fears and defenses such as vanity, resentment, dishonesty, domineering tendencies and others could ruin the prospects.

Handwriting analysis is my favorite way to identify personality red flags. Extreme personality challenges such as those listed above, or drug and alcohol problems, for example, make harmonious bonds impossible even for those with fantastic rapport.

You may be fortunate to have an excellent connection with your partner, symbolized by the astrology and numerology patterns, yet one of you is an intellectual and the other is rooted in emotions and feeling. No connection is perfect, but similar mentalities and emotional aptitudes further enhance relationships.

Every person you interact with, whether it’s business, social, or romantic uniquely harmonizes with you, and the deep-rooted compatibility can be accurately illustrated on a scale of 1-100, for example.

Some people just click, others don’t, and nobody is to blame. Unless you want to torture yourself, it’s a good idea to avoid the “anyone can be compatible as long as you have similar interests and try to get along” point of view.

The exquisite, enduring feeling that fosters a mutual sense of self-assurance exists between two people or it doesn’t. The simple truth of the matter is that the more difficult your compatibility, the harder you must work to make your relationship work.

You have the option of determining compatibility before you spend years trying to fix something that isn’t fixable. Identifying innate compatibility, and red flag personality issues, can greatly reduce your risk before it’s too late.

Copyright © 2017 Scott Petullo

The Hidden Cause of Success and Failure

June 5th, 2017
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Success is entirely attributed to hard work and luck. At least that’s what you’ve been conditioned to believe.

I always recommend setting realistic goals and working diligently, ceaselessly toward your aspirations. But my findings tell me the underpinnings of success are transcendent and have far less to do with mere personal qualities and luck than with forces beyond your control.

Before anyone accuses me of fatalism or recommending a passive, wallflower approach to life, allow me to explain my theory.

Fifty talented corporate executives all possess about the same level of intelligence, self-discipline, objectivity, logical thinking ability, decisiveness, analytical ability, discretion, and all are emotionally balanced and stable. In other words, they all lack red flag personality traits that typically lead to failure. All fifty exhibit strong leadership traits. Each one is a high-achiever and possesses the same ability to be an independent, successful business owner.

All fifty leave the corporate world at about the same time to be independent entrepreneurs. Ten years later, 25 are succeeding wildly, 15 are doing okay, and 10 failed miserably and returned to climbing the corporate ladder.

The successes and failures, in these instances, have nothing to do with market forces; all fifty entered growing industries, under various thriving economies around the world. All fifty are good decision-makers.

You may call it luck, but I refer to luck as personal fate disguised. No matter how resourceful, smart, quick thinking, intuitive, persuasive, or hard working you are, you can’t cheat fate. In other words, there’s a lot in life you have no control over, including the actions of other people. Unfortunately for those 10 washouts, their unique predestination dictated defeat in that area of their life.

Give credit where credit is due—the winners earned their triumphs. My findings show you are 100% responsible for your personal fate. Sudden opportunities and advantages, chance meetings, and similar circumstances aren’t arbitrary and undeserved. Call it cosmic payback, all part of the tapestry of predetermination.

Life’s rewards extend well beyond finances—family relations, friends, love life, and more. A person typically has wonderful predetermination in one or a few areas, but not all. It’s very rare that someone “has it all.” You can’t replicate personal fate, but you can have an equal playing field to seek the opportunities you desire. Life isn’t supposed to be fair, but you can make the most of it by doing your best. Please note: as we say in the above linked article, “It’s not always the case that a person is enduring karmic retribution for past life dark deeds; sometimes the terrible experience is for other reasons, such as to help bring awareness to the world, or stop it from happening to others in the future.”

Fatalism is the belief that you have no control over your life’s circumstances. While I believe at least 75% of your core life circumstances and events are predetermined, I’m not a fatalist; I’m a realist.

The belief that there is much in life you can’t control is a sign of humility. This belief, in conjunction with divination and personality and compatibility analysis, allows you to capitalize on the rewarding parts of life and more easily deal with life’s challenges.

Copyright © 2017 Scott Petullo