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Numerology Archive

Mathematical Formula to Select Best Romantic Partner

Monday, August 1st, 2016
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According to mathematicians, you can improve your chances of selecting the best romantic partner through simple math.

The magic figure turns out to be 37 percent. To have the highest chance of picking the very best suitor, you should date and reject the first 37 percent of your total group of lifetime suitors. (If you’re into math, it’s actually 1/e, which comes out to 0.368, or 36.8 percent.) Then you follow a simple rule: You pick the next person who is better than anyone you’ve ever dated before.”

I like the overall idea of the formula: date a lot, get an idea of your possibilities, and don’t wait too long to make a selection.

The problem with this approach is that you’re required to estimate the number of good matches you’ll have throughout your life. In other words, you’ll have to guess.

Another problem is that everyone’s timing is different. One person may naturally attract wonderfully compatible suitors during a certain period, while the next person doesn’t. Just as you can’t plant your garden in winter, you won’t find authentic love if it’s not your time, no matter what mathematical formula you employ.

The love of your life may not show up until later, beyond the timing parameters of your love life agenda. The moment he or she does show up speaks volumes about the type and quality of the connection. My long-term findings tell me that beginnings matter immensely in relationships relative to comprehensive astrology and numerology.

Once you do find yourself with what seems to be a good match, it’s a good idea to consider the notion that intrinsic compatibility isn’t a choice. It’s futile trying to make something wonderful if it naturally isn’t.

As the article points out, the formula can be applied to other decision-making processes, such as selecting the right job applicant. Considering you know approximately how many good applicants you’ll have, it seems like a much more appropriate use of the formula.

Copyright © 2016 Scott Petullo

Numerology Q & A: Significance of a Specific Date

Monday, July 4th, 2016
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“Today is 6-16-16. Any significance to that date?”

Yes, there’s significance to every date, though in ways you may not realize.

On the surface of the date 6-16-2016, you have the 16th day of the month, and the 16 of 2016.

The double 16 (and the three sixes) may seem like an unusual quantity, but since many numerology indicators are derived from any given full date, other dates may have just as much or more of that number.

Besides, although the year 2016 includes a 16, it’s not purely a 16 vibration– 2+0+1+6 = 9.

Thus, in numerology terms the date 6-16-2016 is really 6-16-9, not 6-16-16. The 9 from 2016 carries much more weight than the 16 (a sub-factor) in 2016. A pure “6-16-16” won’t happen until the year 2059.

By the way, I had a revelation several years ago that life on this planet will end in the year 2752, which happens to be a universal year of 16 (2+7+5+2). The date showed up at the doorstep of my mind while in a meditative state and I hope by then, if I happen to be right, civilization relocates to another inhabitable planet before any impending doomsday event.

In my view, connecting mere universal dates such as 6-16-2016 and related universal factors to mundane happenings or geopolitical events, for example, isn’t feasible. There are too many variables to consider, at least without quantum computing and artificial intelligence. At this time, it’s just not possible to offer forecasts such as “Today is 6-16-2016, therefore the world should expect this (specific happenings, events, etc.)…”

The aforementioned information relates to universal vibrations, which are undercurrents relative to your personal numerology patterns.

Personal numerology factors (derived partly from universal factors, such as the universal year) form patterns and tell me an enormous amount of information about your compatibility with others, and your personality and overall timing.

The number 16 is a very mystical number, yet in a mundane sense it’s difficult to handle. It’s like the number 7 (16 = 1+6 = 7), but more challenging because it carries with it more karmic burden than average. That burden relates to collapse of ego-self ideals, which translates into all sorts of troubles in everyday life. Typical concerns include relationship problems and difficult life transitions. The number 16 forces you to turn inward, and although the going can be rough, the number 16 in its highest form symbolizes mysticism and spiritual power.

While 6-16-2016 may represent a turning point toward significant rewards in life for one person, it may represent the opposite for another.

While you may have great compatibility with someone born on a specific date, someone else doesn’t.

Everyone’s timing is different, and compatibility is unique between every two-person combination.

More information about the date of birth and numerology can be found here.

Copyright © 2016 Scott Petullo

Astrology Prediction: Patterns Represent Fate

Monday, June 13th, 2016
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Accurate astrology prediction depends on pattern recognition and the premise of fate.

Understandably, personal fate is a precarious proposition for most people. Generally, people aren’t excited to find out how some of their hopes, dreams, and expectations contrast with their predestination.

The main advantage of the esoteric sciences of astrology and numerology is to gain knowledge of your personal timing and fate so that you can brace for challenges and make the most of your life.

Once you get past the surrender-your-power-through-prediction myth, and the inherent bias toward and lack of understanding of prophesy which permeates society today, it’s liberating to be privy to the hidden patterns of your life.

“My life seemed to be a series of events and accidents. Yet when I look back, I see a pattern.” Benoit B. Mandelbrot, originator of fractal geometry

This site includes some fascinating images related to Benoit B. Mandelbrot’s “…visionary, maverick approach, harnessing computer power to develop a geometry that mirrors the complexity of the natural world, with applications in many practical fields.”

According to this site, “…Mandelbrot…attributed much of his success to this unconventional education. It allowed him to think in ways that might be hard for someone who, through a conventional education, is strongly encouraged to think in standard ways. It also allowed him to develop a highly geometrical approach to mathematics, and his remarkable geometric intuition and vision began to give him unique insights into mathematical problems.”

A broader perspective, beyond standard ways and traditional thinking, is necessary to grasp how personal fate and the related timing can be measured.

Once you observe the continual recurring patterns (consisting of scores of indicators) in the comprehensive astrology and numerology charts directly symbolizing key conditions and circumstances in people’s lives, it’s easy to believe in the concept of fate. The benefits of doing so are vast, including knowing yourself and your personal timing well beyond conventional standards.

Copyright © 2016 Scott Petullo

Numerology Trap: Why Your Life Path Number Seems Wrong

Monday, April 18th, 2016
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“My date of birth is April 6, 1982, which makes my Life Path 3, but I don’t feel close to the characteristics of this number. I identify much more with the number Two. Why is this?”

The Life Path is the modern numerology term for the sum total of your date of birth. It is just one of hundreds of factors in my comprehensive systems of analysis. Those hundreds of factors form patterns. The patterns symbolize authentic personality, fate, and timing.

Individual factors don’t mean much by themselves because the energy of each is either supported or mitigated by the energy of the others.

It may be that you have an extraordinary amount of two energy (i.e., many twos) in your comprehensive charts, thus you identify with that number more than the number three.

See this page for more information about numerology.

Copyright © 2016 Scott Petullo

Compatibility is Measurable: How I Rate Relationships

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015
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Realizing the level of compatibility between you and others saves you an enormous amount of time.

I use a scale of 1-100, for example, to accurately illustrate overall compatibility between two people.

In order to do that, it’s necessary to first consider innate compatibility and red flag personality issues. I consider personal timing to be part of innate compatibility, the first of these two core compatibility components.

The two core measurable components can be grouped in the following categories:

Strong innate compatibility
Absence of red flag personality issues

Strong innate compatibility
Moderate red flag personality issues

Strong innate compatibility
Strong red flag personality issues

Acceptable innate compatibility
Absence of red flag personality issues

Acceptable innate compatibility
Moderate red flag personality issues

Acceptable innate compatibility
Strong red flag personality issues

Borderline innate compatibility
Absence of red flag personality issues

Borderline innate compatibility
Moderate red flag personality issues

Borderline innate compatibility
Strong red flag personality issues

Unsuitable innate compatibility
Absence of red flag personality issues

Unsuitable innate compatibility
Moderate red flag personality issues

Unsuitable innate compatibility
Strong red flag personality issues

These designations apply to business partnerships, friendships, love relationships, and all other two-person unions.

The most favorable compatibility includes strong innate compatibility and an absence of red flag personality issues.

The least favorable includes unsuitable innate compatibility and strong red flag personality issues.

Extremes like these two are easy for me to identify before you meet face to face.

The extreme compatibility, rewarding or challenging, would be obvious the longer you interacted with the other person.

Remember, you only see the complete, authentic personality in action while the person is under pressure or stress.

A good way to cut through the public persona and save yourself a lot of time and money is for me to screen the compatibility for you.

You don’t have to wonder any longer if you’re truly compatible, or if that person has hidden red flag personality issues.

Copyright © 2015 Scott Petullo

Relationship and Partnership Compatibility: Follow Up Q & A

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015
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Regarding what you wrote about compatibility, even if the energy is terrible between two people, if they both act maturely and fairly, it doesn’t have to be an absolute disaster, things don’t have to escalate. It seems to me that with the right effort, the worst connection can be as wonderful and productive as the best connection. Do you agree?”

I disagree. In a perfect world, things would never escalate and you would be able to forever avoid interpersonal challenges in even the most demanding partnerships. But we don’t live in a perfect world.

In a perfect world war wouldn’t exist either, but war has always been a fact of life and I expect it to continue because evil people will always exist.

Maturity and being fair surely helps two people get along. But innate, extremely adverse energy between two people makes the relationship grueling from the start.

The more challenging the natural energetic connection, personal or business, the harder you have to work at it. If you spend 80% of your energy bolstering your sense of compassion and detachment trying to rise above the native problematic energy of the partnership, you don’t have a wonderful relationship.

My long-term empirical research shows that you can’t transform the inborn energy of a difficult relationship into that of a naturally rewarding relationship.

Again, the natural, unique energy simply exists between the two people from the very beginning of the connection. The compatibility I’m referring to is esoteric and definable through my systems of analysis.

It has nothing to do with how the two people react, or red flag personality issues, or if one steals from or otherwise hurts the other person. Those concerns are an entirely different partnership issue.

Innately Favorable Connections

The inherent energy may be very favorable between two people, but both, for example, may have a tendency, particularly while under pressure, to be fiery and confrontational in communication. For example, one invariably expresses her annoyance about some petty issue and the trouble begins.

Worse, both uncompromisingly refuse to tolerate such behavior from the other and, or deny any wrongdoing completely, compounding the problem and intensifying the discord.

Things don’t have to escalate in a connection that is awful from the start if you both manage to forever grin and bear it (which is doubtful), but you’ll be putting most of your energy toward avoiding disaster instead of enjoyment, or productive gains if it’s a business relationship.

You don’t have to wonder any longer if you’re truly compatible, or if that person has hidden red flag personality issues.

Copyright © 2015 Scott Petullo

Relationship and Partnership Compatibility: 7 Secrets Revealed

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015
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Your life, personal and professional, is replete with opportunities for partnerships.

Even so, it’s too easy to waste an enormous amount of time, energy, and money before figuring out that compatibility, beyond surface kinship, is nonexistent between you and another person.

Conventional science hasn’t figured out how to assess compatibility before it’s too late, and deep-rooted, disruptive peculiarities between individuals have mystified people for thousands of years.

However, the principles I’ve formed through long-term empirical research can save you a lot of pain.

Below I list seven relationship and partnership compatibility secrets.

1. Forces beyond your control determine the real compatibility between you and another person.

Most people realize that person A and person B innately have a different level of compatibility than person B and person C. The unique energy is fixed no matter their maturity level or how well they try to get along.

Even if person A and person B have all the same interests and similar backgrounds, their relationship will be a struggle if the inherent compatibility is terrible.

Likewise, even if person B and person C have nothing in common and share completely different backgrounds, if the compatibility is high, they will enjoy a congenial connection.

2. Compatibility is measurable. I accurately measure it in my unique systems of analysis involving handwriting analysis and comprehensive astrology and numerology.

Extremes in compatibility are easy for me to identify. These distinctive extremes (good and bad) exist between some couples, but not all, because the energy is exclusive between each two individuals.

You’ve likely encountered a connection in which discord reigns, no matter what you do. Or you’ve encountered the opposite, harmony and like-mindedness.

Or how about those connections, personal or professional in which it practically rains abundance and rewards? Or the opposite, those that represent cruel trials and struggles? Or, those unions that seem to be a dream come true at first, until it becomes a nightmare? Or how about love life relationships where the sex is so astoundingly good or the opposite, pathetic? Or how about business relationships where two intelligent, successful individuals who both lack any significant personality red flags are baffled by unforeseen exploits that destroy the partnership?

I identify all of these types of extremes and more, before they unfold, through my systems of analysis.

3. Challenging innate compatibility is not your fault and it isn’t the other person’s fault.

Aside from one partner ripping off the other or otherwise intentionally hurting the other, in which case blame would be appropriate, a wise person would not blame the other for the natural, severe idiosyncrasies within the union that neither has any control over.

4. In some cases, blame may be appropriate if compatibility is favorable but one person possesses personality flaws that make the connection impossible.

An individual’s onerous personality challenges such as vanity, domineering tendencies, anger, drug and alcohol problems, stubbornness, and others can ruin even the best innate energy between her and another person. Extreme red flag personality traits are identifiable through handwriting analysis, part of my systems of analysis.

5. Everyone has different personal timing and timing does matter immensely in partnerships.

Shared or agreeable collective timing can contribute greatly to amicable rapport or even serve as the foundation for it. But when personal timing changes so does the relationship (i.e., termination) if it’s based on timing instead of non-timing factors.

6. The harder you must work at a relationship (personal or business), the worse the natural connection between you and the other person.

It’s that simple, though the “all relationships require hard work” crowd will tell you otherwise. Unless you have no choice, you’re better off avoiding burdensome connections.

7. Intrinsic compatibility isn’t a choice and if it’s not there you can’t create it. It won’t improve or get worse no matter what you think or do.

Perhaps you’ve heard, “as long as you try to get along with someone you can.” That’s only true to a point. No matter how much you try to see the good in another, and no matter how much she does the same, it won’t change the natural energy between you. It’s not a choice; it’s simply something you can’t alter.

Think of how much time and money you can save knowing if negative extremes exist between you and another person.

You don’t have to wonder any longer if you’re truly well matched, or if that person has hidden red flag personality issues.

Copyright © 2015 Scott Petullo

Astrology Skeptic Demands Proof

Monday, October 19th, 2015
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Some people believe in astrology, and some don’t. Recently I had the experience of interacting on-line with a skeptic who demanded proof of the validity of astrology.

Below I outline the interaction with an astrology skeptic.


“Many studies, such as these on Wikipedia, involve full natal chart analysis, and virtually all have found astrology to be pseudo-science. You do not offer real scientific evidence of astrology’s authenticity. Show me peer-reviewed studies. Show me proof.”

My response:

Thanks for offering your viewpoint.

First, “full natal chart analysis” is a misnomer.

Mistaking that form of astrology for in-depth astrology shows you know almost nothing about the science of astrology, which peaked in the Middle Ages and spans back to about 300 B.C.

Today’s psychological-based astrology involving paltry transits and progressions and almost exclusive usage of Ptolemaic aspects and other superficial indicators is the “full natal chart analysis” you reference. It’s frivolous “for entertainment purposes only” astrology.

Additionally, a “this (one or only a few indicators) equals that (a distinct personality characteristic) astrology” has nothing to do with the authentic science of astrology.

One-sided studies on Wikipedia attacking low-hanging fruit are inconsequential. Any cynic wanting to invalidate a hypothesis can rig the study to yield his desired outcome. Those individuals are committed to advancing a position, not finding the truth. Wikipedia is an unreliable source for truth.

Time and time again, the skeptics refuse to investigate astrology (and other esoteric subjects) beyond trivialities. They never consider the complex methods of the ancient seers such as Vettius Valens, Julius Firmicus Maternus, Guido Bonatti, Ibn Ezra, Abu Ali Al-Khayyat, and many others. The works of these geniuses are still available for purchase. What are the skeptics waiting for?

It’s very unscientific to draw conclusions based on the limits of your understanding and reject a field of study without thoroughly investigating it. What’s next, offering an uninformed opinion on particle physics?

You can’t prove a theory valid. You can only prove it invalid. You fail to invalidate my theories.

Long-term, objective empirical research involving multiple layers of checks and balances yields my premise: personality, compatibility, and personal timing are absolutely measurable with comprehensive handwriting analysis, astrology, and numerology.

The people I do work for don’t care about proving the validity of the science of astrology. They only care about results.

Scientists today work on technological advances including those in nanotechnology and computer science, send spacecraft to Mars, and concentrate on other mundane, physical world concerns. That is their territory. Erroneously asserting that pedantic, conventional scientific method applies to everything, including concerns beyond the material world, is not scientific.

Regarding peer review, it has been shown to be futile over and over again, as Michael Crichton outlines below:

“Many studies have shown that peer review does not improve the quality of scientific papers. Scientists themselves know it doesn’t work. Yet the public still regards it as a sign of quality, and says, ‘This paper was peer-reviewed,’ or ‘this paper was not peer-reviewed,’ as if that meant something. It doesn’t.”

To those who still refuse to accept that much of today’s science is flawed and downright fraudulent, you better sit down before you read this: It can be proven that most claimed conventional science research findings are false.

“Whether or not the present-day practitioners of astrology are using scientific methods has no direct bearing on whether the body of knowledge they employ is true and valid.”
Dr. Kary Banks Mullis, Nobel-Prize winning scientist

I’ve debated with astrology skeptics before. There will always be those who embrace astrology and those who refuse to. The cynics and mainstream science enthusiasts would be wise to get their own house in order before attacking the science of astrology.

Copyright © 2015 Scott Petullo

Astrology and Timing: How to Avoid Disastrous Investments

Monday, August 10th, 2015
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Many people realize that timing matters. But you may not realize that avoiding disastrous investments or big purchases is entirely viable through the awareness gleaned from comprehensive astrology and numerology.

“What is the best day to add new investments to my portfolio?”

My findings show there exist inauspicious times to make important purchases and investments.

I witness unpropitious outlays and the resulting mishaps regularly as I track multitudes of people going about their everyday lives. They just aren’t aware of the importance of timing, or they reject the notion.

This may sound like boasting, but I believe it’s necessary to clarify how my work is different from the “astrology” you’ve been exposed to (e.g., horoscopes, Sun sign astrology, computer printout readings, and other superficialities). I’ve earned the golden key to the temple of understanding (which cycles and indicators matter and to what extent) by compulsively doing this sort of work—constantly observing, reflecting, and analyzing–for many years.

Some ominous periods of time relate to everyone, such as during phases of concurrent universal afflictions, but much more often it’s more personal, as related to comprehensive natal and timing charts. Sometimes it’s both. The periods can last for months (even years), or for days or mere hours.

You can attempt to make the most of your personal fate (e.g., maximize profits) by investing when universal and personal timing is most favorable. This is known as electional astrology (and numerology).

However, I recommend a different, more practical approach: go about your business, as you normally do, without any knowledge of universal and personal cyclical timing. Then, select a few days and times to make your investments and, or purchases and tell me the days and times you selected. Your choices (and when you made your decision and scheduled the days and times), without any foreknowledge of the cycles, are very revealing.

Based on that approach, I can tell you how auspicious (on a scale of 1 to 100, for example) the planned investment or purchase is, allowing you to avoid disaster.

Everyone has different timing, and you owe it to yourself to make the most of yours.

Copyright © 2015 Scott Petullo

8-8-8 and the Occult: August 8 2015

Monday, July 6th, 2015
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August 8, 2015, or 8-8-8, is a date of notable occult meaning.

“Occult” simply refers to secret knowledge. Unfortunately, due to the bastardization of the word, it has unwarranted associations with darkness and evil.

8-8-8 is important because triple number sequences possess a higher than average amount of other-dimensional symbolism. I’m referring to the other side, as in what you encounter after this life (whether it’s of a high or low vibration). My theories are based on my long-term findings.

Double numbers such as 22 and 33 (otherwise known as “Master Numbers”) and triple numbers denote extraordinary prospects, yet more risk. Consecutive numbers can be either negative or positive, based on the related patterns in the comprehensive charts.

8 is derived from 2015 through fadic addition: 2+0+1+5 = 8. August is the 8th month of the year; August 8, 2015 yields 8-8-8.

The representative energy of a triple (or double) calendar date occurrence such as 12-12-12 is largely indistinct.

You probably won’t notice anything out of the ordinary on August 8, 2015, August 17, 2015, or August 26, 2015. All three dates are 8-8-8.

However, the exceptional symbolism becomes evident in observing the recognizable lifetime themes of individuals born on such a date (e.g., August 8, 1934; August 8, 1943; August 8, 1952; and so on).

Patterns exemplifying life circumstances and events in the comprehensive astrology and numerology charts are formed by multiple factors. Those factors are derived from the full birth data, including the date of birth.

See this article for information about those who have the number 8 heavily represented in their comprehensive charts.

The following information about the number 8 is from our Numerology Decoder Software:

Number Symbolism

Copyright © 1998 Scott A. Petullo Corporation

8: The number 8 is tied to influence, money, karma, action, business success, business failure, control, material objects, status, loss, gain, administration, management, ego, leadership, power.

Balanced 8 energy: prosperous, high-powered, commanding, stamina, self-confident, persuasive, financial awareness, effective, ambitious, businesslike, clear-headed, disciplined, material freedom, honorable, enterprising.

Over-balanced 8 energy: abuses power, cold-blooded, egotistical, overreaction to money, scheming, aggressive, materialistic, corrupt, demanding, domineering, preoccupied with power and money, unsympathetic, over-ambitious, confrontational, rebellious, coarse.

Under-balanced 8 energy: passive, vulnerable, fearful, insecure, avoids power and money, poor judgment, gives personal power away, shortsighted.

Each universal vibration or date, such as 8-8-8, means different things to everyone, based on your unique comprehensive charts. Everyone’s timing is different.

Don’t worry about 8-8-8, or any other date such as 6-6-6, being a window of mystical vulnerability. There’s nothing to fear. Such gateways of time are part of periodically transpiring phenomena symbolized in the modern calendar, which I believe is linked to universal intelligence.

Copyright © 2015 Scott Petullo