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Astrology Q & A: Current Location or Birth Location for Progressed Charts?

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“When running a progressed or solar return chart, do you use the place of birth or the current place of residence? I was born on the other side of the world and have not lived there since I was five.”

My findings corroborate the notion that birth location is by far the most important in all astrology and numerology matters. Solar and lunar return charts, progressed charts, and other predictive methodologies are most accurate based on birth location. Current location, if different than birth location, can be used as background energy.

Relocation doesn’t alter personal fate, but is part of it. Collective personal timing using natal patterns explains the stark contrast in life circumstances sometimes experienced after relocation. Challenges and rewards thought to be linked exclusively with a different location turn out to be hidden all along in the complex natal patterns.

By the way, I’ve found progressed charts, solar and lunar return charts, transits, and other modern-focused methods to be useful only as the finishing touches in an approach involving more comprehensive, ancient methodologies (up to about 1700 AD).

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