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Numerology and Master Number 11: 2018

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Universal shifts of greater than average magnitude have occurred regularly since the beginning of time, so 2018, an 11 Universal Year, won’t be the most extraordinary year ever. But 2018 is a unique number.

The Universal Year number is derived by adding the digits of the calendar year together to yield a single number: 2018 = 2+0+1+8 = 11. Normally you’d also reduce the double-digit number 11 to a single digit number, but 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99 are special cases, otherwise known as Master Numbers.

These demanding numbers symbolize a stronger than average link to other dimensions (i.e., “the other side”). Consequently, Master Numbers can represent great rewards, great challenges, or both.

As stated in this blog post, “Cusp periods carry over as far as 50% into the next cycle, so new starts (in a universal sense) are still appropriate well into 2018, but by July 2018 things will be slowing down significantly, in a manner of speaking.” Read more about Universal Years and Universal Years vs. personal cycles in that blog post.

Cusp periods of the next cycle also start just beyond the 75% mark of the current cycle. Therefore, the cusp of the Universal Year of 2018/11 begins October 1st, 2017, which also begins an 11 Universal Month (add the current Universal Year, 2017, to the calendar month to yield the Universal Month number).

You may have heard talk about 11-11-11 leading up to November 2011, but 2011 only includes an 11 sub-factor and isn’t a pure 11 Universal Year, but instead a 4 Universal Year. The 4 dominates the 11 in this case.

Many universal factors can be derived using the month, day, and year, and the number 11 shows up sometimes more often in dates that don’t appear to include it, such as 2-9-2000. The Universal Year vibration is a good starting point in studying universal, non-personal cycles.

2009 was the most recent 11 Universal Year, occurring for the first time since 1910. Others include 1901, 1820, 1811, and so on.

You probably didn’t notice anything unusual about 2009, which isn’t surprising. Besides the Universal Year factor representing subtle energy, personal fate is symbolized by patterns of personal factors, not universal factors. Regardless, learning about this number and the Universal Year cycle gives you a glimpse into number mysticism.

More about the number 11:

  1. After the new-beginnings type energy of the 1 in a 9-year Universal Cycle, the 2 (or in this case 11), is like slamming on the brakes. Things slow down and patience is required.
  2. 11 is the opposite of mundane. It’s a direct connection to the unseen planes so pretenses and illusions disappear as the window shade snaps open and the truth is seen in the light of day. It can sometimes be shocking.
  3. Those with 11 heavily represented in their comprehensive numerology charts are frequently brilliant, though in unconventional ways. These are the way-showers, the unique individuals who offer unusual and dynamic solutions and new ways of thinking.
  4. Those with a lot of this number are often misunderstood as “crazy” because their thinking is so far distant from the mainstream. Those with balanced 11 aren’t crazy, but have a direct connection to the other side; they cut through facades and get to the heart of what really matters, sometimes in unsettling ways relative to societal norms.
  5. Prophetic dreams, seeing apparitions, and visions of future occurrences, for example, relate to this special number.
  6. Due to it being so other-dimensional, it often relates to health challenges; nervous tension, hypersensitivity, and anxiety are common problems.
  7. 11 is an unpredictable number and clashes with smoothly running affairs. Expect the unexpected and, or trouble under this exceptional number.
  8. It symbolizes fame and the opposite, infamy.
  9. The under-balanced and over-balanced side of it includes duplicity, dark energy, disturbing events, black magic, insanity, and betrayal. The high side involves constructive idealism, masterful diplomacy, spiritual awareness, and prophecy.
  10. Finances and other mundane concerns don’t do well under heavy 11. Though under balanced 11, with supporting patterns, monetary matters flourish.

Although it’s only one universal indicator, and personal indictors are required to delineate personal fate, you can still get an idea of the cyclical nature of time by recognizing the Universal Year.

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