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1-1-1 and the Occult: January 1 2017

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January 1, 2017, or 1-1-1, is a date of uncommon occult meaning.

“Occult” simply means secret knowledge, and it’s baselessly associated with the dark side.

1-1-1 is significant due to triple number sequences having a higher than average amount of other-dimensional (the other side or unseen planes) symbolism.

Corroborating or mitigating factors symbolize the degree of high (of the Light) or low (of the darkness) vibration.

1 is derived from 2017 through fadic addition: 2+0+1+7 = 10 and 1+0 = 1. January is the first month of the year; January 1, 2017 yields 1-1-1.

The representative energy of a triple (or double) calendar date occurrence such as 12-12-12 is largely indistinguishable.

You probably won’t notice anything unusual on January 1, 2017, January 10, 2017, January 19, 2017, or January 28, 2017. All four dates yield 1-1-1.

Even so, investigating, with a trained eye, the lifetime themes of individuals born on such a date, the unique symbolism is obvious (e.g., January 1, 1936; January 1, 1945; September 1, 1954; and so on).

Multiple indicators constitute patterns epitomizing life circumstances and events in the comprehensive astrology and numerology charts. Those indicators are derived from the full birth data, including the date of birth.

Double numbers including 11, 22, 33, and so on, along with triple numbers, possess extraordinary potential, but also too much instability. Those who have these types of numbers in abundance encounter greater challenges in life than usual, though frequently rise to great heights in their respective endeavors. Consecutive numbers can be either negative or positive, based on the related patterns in the comprehensive numerology charts.

Those with the number one heavily represented in their natal and timing patterns tend to undergo distinct life circumstances, both rewarding and challenging.

The date 1-1-1 means different things to everyone since everyone’s timing is different.

Don’t worry about 1-1-1 or any other date such as 6-6-6 being a window of supernatural susceptibility. Such gateways of time are part of cyclical phenomena represented in the modern calendar, which I believe is linked to universal intelligence.

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