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Compatibility: Attraction vs. Chemistry

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Physical attraction and chemistry are two different things, yet they are closely connected.

You may be physically attracted to a person based on how they look in photos, but once you meet face-to-face you realize that chemistry plays an equally important role, perhaps more than physical allure.

Chemistry is what people describe as that certain something, a spark that draws you together. It either intensifies the attraction, or mitigates it. Compatibility has a lot to do with chemistry, and it’s measurable.

Extremes in compatibility show up like neon signs in the comprehensive astrology and numerology charts and symbolize fabulous or horrible chemistry. Mediocre or neutral compatibility is less noticeable.

This holds true for any type of relationship, personal or business. The worse the chemistry, the more you have to work to make the connection functional.

One way to learn about the chemistry is to simply spend as much time together as possible (face-to-face—on-line doesn’t count). In the case of terrible chemistry, that person you initially perceived as enchanting seems more like something out of a nightmare the longer you stay together. Alternatively, if fantastic chemistry, the person you weren’t sure about at first seems more and more like the person of your dreams as time goes on.

Hoping good chemistry will materialize over time is futile if it’s nonexistent in your connection. It may not be obvious at first if it does exist, but if it doesn’t, nothing will change that.

Don’t feel alone if you don’t share spectacular chemistry with your mate, friend, or business associate; it’s more rare than you may think. My findings show that most people (in personal or work-related relationships) share mediocre chemistry. Perhaps this is due to the notion that most connections are primarily for personal (and spiritual) growth.

Beware of perceived chemistry while never having met someone in person. Phone conversations and video chats can be misleading. Whether it relates to your romantic or professional life—you won’t get a true understanding of the chemistry until you spend time together.

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