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A Reliable Supplement to Trusting Your Gut

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Trusting your gut as a consistent means of discerning the truth takes practice.

It’s rare that someone’s gut instinct is so powerful, and they trust it so implicitly, that they’re seldom wrong.

Most people struggle with the intermittent battle between intuition and reason, with the power of the subconscious mind dominating behavior far more than acknowledged.

This article lists some helpful tips to strengthen your gut instinct. In particular, giving yourself time constraints in making a decision based on your gut instinct, such as thirty minutes, helps to make your intuition a stronger part of your decision-making process.

Even though I value gut instinct, I recommend having multiple sources, including my nontraditional security investigations, to supplement your intuition.

Key decisions are too easily influenced by hidden biases or an emotional attachment to the outcome. The cost of objective decision-making supplements is immaterial compared to the expense and security risk of a bad decision.

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