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Handwriting Analysis: Gender is Impossible to Consistently Determine

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“Why do so many women write a certain way?”

You would have to define “so many” and “a certain way” to clarify what you’re asking.

You wouldn’t be able to consistently identify which handwriting is of a female and which is of a male from 1000 random, anonymous handwriting samples, 500 being written by males and 500 by females.

You would discover that just as many men have so-called feminine characteristics such as roundedness and just as many females have so-called masculine characteristics such as angularity.

Multiple feminine traits and multiple masculine traits exist among the more than 300 handwriting analysis indicators, and what looks feminine to you, someone who is not trained in handwriting analysis, may actually include far more masculine traits. Sexual orientation has little to do with the level of masculinity or femininity in handwriting, by the way.

Also, what looks like “good” handwriting to you may include an overwhelming number of red flag personality traits.

It’s impossible to consistently discern gender, race, or sexual orientation from handwriting analysis. It’s one of the most objective and non-discriminatory forms of personality analysis.

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