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How to Limit Confrontation

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According to an article in Entrepreneur, confrontation in the workplace can be healthy and fruitful.

The author wisely suggests that confrontation “shouldn’t be a defensive maneuver or a counterattack.”

That’s good advice since there will always be aggressive, hostile, and argumentative people in this world no matter what you do.

You can’t make undesirable people disappear just as you can’t eliminate life’s other unpleasantries, such as taxes and jet-lag.

The simplest way to limit confrontation is to avoid troublemakers as much as possible. But first you must be able to identify jerks.

Alas, confrontation still occurs between two people who aren’t jerks. It’s a fact of life. A lack of significant personality red flags doesn’t guarantee there won’t be any conflict between you and another person.

The worse the innate compatibility is between you and someone else, the greater the natural conflict, thus the more clashes you’ll be forced to endure.

Identifying conflict resolution styles can help you deal more effectively with confrontation.

By all means, strive to generate empathy, calm, and a commitment to peacefully resolve confrontations. Conflict will always exist in varying degrees between you and others, based on personality red flags and the innate, unique compatibility between two people.

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