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Astrology: Venus Secrets Revealed

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Decoding the symbolism of Venus in a person’s comprehensive astrology patterns gives me an enormous amount of information about his or her personal fate and personality.

It takes many years to become proficient in the language of comprehensive astrology; it’s like learning a foreign language. But you don’t have to bother because I’m happy to be your interpreter.

Venus is commonly recognized as symbolizing feminine energy and love, though it has to do with so much more than that.

Below I list select Venus secrets and features.

  1. Venus is feminine and rules the signs of Taurus and Libra. Venus is exalted in the sign of Pisces. Venus in the signs of Scorpio, Aries, or Virgo (notice the opposite of the signs it rules and the sign in which it is exalted) is adverse, but it can be symbolically mitigated; the negative or positive energy of any given indicator is diminished or corroborated by the energy of the other hundreds of indicators.
  2. Venus symbolizes women, sisters, gay men, designers of all types and those who work in the building trades (e.g., home builders), jewelers, playgirls and playboys, ladies of the night, dancers, artists, musicians, poets, apparel, romantic interests, jewelry, glamour, beauty, pleasure, bars and drinking, indulgence, sensuality, games, gambling, and beauty.
  3. Venus can also represent lust, sex, salaciousness, and excess sensual gratification.
  4. Venus in good position and health are auspicious signs for a largely rewarding life with a lower amount of personal adversity than average.
  5. The most potent heavenly body in a person’s comprehensive astrology charts (it’s not the “chart ruler,” the Ascendant ruler, as suggested by modern astrology) and everything linked to it offers a great deal of information. When it’s Venus, the person will likely (as always, based on corroborating factors) be focused to a much greater degree than average on sensual gratification, including sex. He or she wants to party and play, and is likely to be attractive, considering Venus is in good health.
  6. In the simplest terms, the location and everything related to Venus in the comprehensive charts reveals enjoyment.
  7. Though it’s only one of many indicators to consider, Venus has a lot to do with love life and romantic partners. Venus in very good health and location is encouraging for a person’s love life.

The symbolism of Venus in comprehensive astrology reveals a tremendous amount of information about personality, timing, and fate.

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