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Handwriting Analysis: Why People Have Different Handwriting

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Your handwriting is as unique as your fingerprint. Even twins have different fingerprints and different handwriting. Being a twin and having studied twins and their handwriting, I’m familiar with this phenomenon. The reason people have different handwriting is because everyone is different.

Considering the task of writing demands a sophisticated synchronization of body, nerves, brain, and mind function, you don’t expect every person to write exactly the same, do you?

To the amateur analyst, two people’s script may look similar—both are about the same size and shape, and perhaps they both look “masculine.”

But take into account these handwriting indicators reviewed by well-trained graphologists: baseline; capitals; connectives; connectivity; consistency; contradictions in script; compression; contraction/expansiveness; down-strokes; ductus; elaboration; expansion; finals; fluidity; form; harmony; hooks; jabs; knots; lead-ins; legibility; loops; margins; movement; organization; originality; personal pronoun I; pressure; retracing; rhythm; shading; signature; simplicity; size; slant; overall arrangement and picture of space; letter, word and line spacing; speed; spirals; tension; ties; zonal balance and much more.

Over three hundred factors are analyzed in a handwriting sample and the representative energy of any single factor is either supported or mitigated by the energy of the other indicators.

Though cursive script may be declining in popularity, printed script can be analyzed too.

Handwriting analysis is directly linked to the subconscious mind, where all your fears, defenses, and strengths reside.

It sometimes takes months or longer to see genuine character emerge from a business associate or romantic partner, and it can be shocking.

This is due to the fact that everyone has various public personas and the real personality traits—negative and positive—are buried until the person is under pressure and stress.

Psychological self-tests (and other problematic forms of personality analysis) fail to unveil authentic personality for various reasons.

Fortunately, handwriting analysis does effectively and objectively assess personality. See this blog post for what handwriting does not reveal and what it does reveal.

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