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Astrology: Saturn Secrets Revealed

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Knowing about the symbolism of Saturn in a person’s comprehensive astrology charts can give you tremendous insight about his or her personality and personal fate.

It takes many years to become proficient in the language of comprehensive astrology; the process is similar to learning a foreign language. I wouldn’t expect you to want to embark on such an arduous endeavor, and you don’t have to, as I’m more than happy to serve as your interpreter.

In an astrological sense, perhaps you know Saturn as nefarious, or maybe you’ve heard of the term “Saturn return.”

Your Saturn return refers to the return of Saturn to your natal Saturn sign (the sign Saturn was in at the time of your birth). It happens at approximately age 29.5, then again at age 59 and 88.5. It’s generally a feared event, though I believe the fear is unwarranted. Review the general life conditions of 10,000 or more people and you’ll discover that some people had difficulties around age 29.5, and age 59, and many didn’t. Saturn return is only one consideration—it must be supported by other factors in the comprehensive charts, otherwise it’s a non-event.

Saturn has a bad reputation, known as the wrongdoer of the zodiac, but a healthy, well-placed Saturn can represent great rewards.

Astrologically speaking, below I list select Saturn secrets and features.

  1. Saturn is masculine, known as malefic, and rules the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius (according to ancient astrology). Saturn is exalted in the sign of Libra. Saturn in the signs of Cancer, Leo, or Aries (notice the opposite of the signs it rules and the sign in which it is exalted) is unfavorable, though the negativity can be symbolically assuaged. The negative or positive energy of any given factor is mitigated or supported by the energy of the other hundreds of factors.
  2. Saturn symbolizes works of endurance, fathers, researchers, farming, scientists, mining, work done at night, engineers, astrologers, alchemists, numerologists, mechanics, doctors, and staying power.
  3. It also symbolizes crime, dark angels and lords, black magicians, thievery, mental disorders, incarceration, restrictions, austerity, poor health and disease, anxiety, melancholy, obstacles, fear, those who suffer in silence, and those who toil long hours for little reward.
  4. In the simplest terms, the location and everything related to Saturn in the comprehensive charts reveals difficulties.
  5. The most potent heavenly body in a person’s comprehensive charts (not the modern astrology “chart ruler,” the Ascendant ruler) and its related details provides a wealth of information about the person. When it’s Saturn, this person has a much greater likelihood than average (as always, based on corroborating factors) of being burdened with apprehension, nervousness, adversity, emotional coldness, and excessive financial overhead. Recognition is harder to come by.
  6. A potent, very healthy, well-placed natal Saturn can equate to vast wealth, being known as one of the top experts in his or her field, and honor. In an esoteric sense, it can represent a talented metaphysician, such as an astrologer or seer—one who readily accesses the other side.
  7. I disregard most transits as inconsequential, but pay attention to transiting Saturn in your natal 1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th house. Saturn, at this time, is in late degrees Scorpio. It takes about 2.5 years to move through a single sign, so it’s been operating through the sign of Scorpio for some time. As it enters your 7th house (house of relationships, personal and professional), for instance, if corroborated with other factors that represent relationship challenges, disruption transpires (e.g., break-ups, dissolution of, or trouble in professional unions, etc.).
  8. Saturn in very bad health and position (again, must be corroborated, but it’s a strong indicator) symbolizes falls from grace, severely restricted romantic life, deception, fraud, rip-offs, theft, dishonesty, and gain through illegal means.

Although Saturn may be known as the wicked, merciless old man of the zodiac, fairly often it represents good things too. Saturn, and everything linked to it, is very telling in regards to personality, timing, and personal fate.

Copyright © 2015 Scott Petullo


2 Responses to “Astrology: Saturn Secrets Revealed”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I got so much knowledge from your blog so i want to thank you.

    Yes, it is true with the help of saturn of any person we can know many things about his personality. it rules on the sign of Capricorn. Saturn is popular as a very dangerous planet in astrology if it is at the wrong place.

  2. Kathy Says:

    Dear Scott,

    Saturn sits at 12 degrees Libra Rx in the 12th House of my Natal Chart. That energy sits on on top of my 17 degree Libra Ascendant. I have handicapping skeletal issues, and congenital physical deformities, but they’re almost nothing, as compared to tremendous losses, which have been sustained through loving and trusting the wrong people. At sixty-three-years-old, I am afraid to trust, or to love, again.

    Love and Light,

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