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How to Identify Overindulgence and Excess

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Destructive pleasure seeking, such as drug use or regularly having too much to drink, is a dangerous trap that creeps up on a person and can destroy their life and the lives of those around them.

A life of excess may also include other types of hedonism, such as junk food addiction leading to obesity and serious health problems.

Sometimes the problem is temporary, such as with high school and college kids who go through an experimentation phase, but with other people it’s a serious problem that calls for treatment.

Identifying overindulgence and problematic self-gratification is sometimes easy if a person is already traipsing along the edge of disaster, but frequently it’s difficult to spot before it’s too late.

Hidden unhealthy excess is unlikely to be an area of direct focus for a hiring manager because it’s not directly related to the skills demanded of the job. Although many companies require mandatory drug testing, many don’t, most tests are easy to cheat, and it’s not easy to test for other problems like alcoholism.

It’s a significant topic of interest for those who have their livelihood at stake, such as a business owner who wants to check out a potential business partner, employee, or spouse.

In identifying problematic overindulgence, I measure the following traits, along with others, through handwriting analysis:

  1. Lack of control, which is a sure sign a person can’t stop.
  2. Excess rationalization, which equates to fooling one’s self that the problem isn’t a problem.
  3. A person’s motivation being largely pleasure, instead of, for example, money, altruism, ego needs, or leadership, which is a sign they’ll have too much of a good thing too often.
  4. A weak ego, or poor ego strength, which is a bad sign for overindulgence and addiction.
  5. Excessive resentment–although being occasionally resentful doesn’t mean you have a problem with overconsumption, those with addiction problems frequently have above average levels of resentment.
  6. Escapist and surrender tendencies, which are common with those who have overindulgence problems.
  7. Excessive secretiveness, which is a common trait of those living a life of excess.

In addition to handwriting analysis, distinct patterns in the comprehensive astrology and numerology charts alert me to overindulgence problems. Precarious, personal, collective timing alone won’t signal trouble, but paired with problematic natal/personality patterns it does.

Although the cost of security investigations and non-traditional investigations such as mine may seem expensive, one major mishap by those prone to intemperance can destroy livelihoods and, or relationships. It pays to limit your risk before it’s too late.

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