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Blood Moon End Times Fables vs. History of Lunar Eclipse Tetrads

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“Can you give me recommendations of books/dvds to get a clearer understanding of the coming Blood Moon eclipses and how it will affect us in the future?”

In this sense, “Blood Moon” isn’t a traditional astrological or astronomical term, but one conceived by those asserting end times. The event involves a lunar tetrad, four total lunar eclipses in a row, during 2014 and 2015.

I won’t give you recommendations about books and DVDs because I disagree with their contention. A few random eclipses that happen to occur around religious holidays, in my view, mean nothing.

In order to get an idea of the symbolism of lunar tetrads, we must first consider when they occurred in the past.

As you can see on this page (Nasa’s index of eclipses covering five millennium—scroll down after clicking), tetrads have been happening with regularity for thousands of years.

Many centuries include zero tetrads: 1900 BC through 1700 BC; 1300 BC through 1100 BC; 700 BC through 500 BC; 100 BC through 100 AD; 500 AD through 700 AD; 1000 AD through 1300 AD; 1600 AD through 1900 AD; and others.

Other centuries include as many as eight tetrads: 1600 BC to 1500 BC; 800 AD to 900 AD; 2000 to 2100 AD; and 2500 AD to 2600 AD.

In this century, the first tetrad, set of four total lunar eclipses, occurred as follows: 5-16-2003, 11-9-2003, 5-4-2004, and 10-28-2004.

The second tetrad occurring this century is occurring now: 4-15-2014, 10-8-2014, 4-4-2015, and 9-28-2015.

The next one occurs as follows: 4-25-2032, 10-18-2032, 4-14-2033, and 10-8-2033. After that, tetrads occur starting in 2043, 2050, 2061, 2072, and 2090.

Those reading this with a good understanding of significant worldly events along the timeline of history, do you recognize possible lunar tetrad symbolism based on the given extremes (zero vs. eight tetrads) above? I don’t.

Even if I had the quantum computing capability to assess every single significant worldly event throughout history in relation to lunar tetrads, I’m not certain it would yield symbolism strong enough to be able to predict future events under lunar tetrads.

I say this because a tetrad is comprised of only one factor—lunar eclipses. Worse, eclipses are sporadic factors; sometimes they are active, and sometimes not.

Prediction involving astrology and numerology entails pattern recognition—patterns comprised of multiple factors. My view is that patterns in the comprehensive charts symbolize life events and circumstances, but astrological phenomena don’t “affect” you.

My systems of analysis are designed to focus on individuals instead of mundane incidents such as natural disasters, geopolitical events, and other worldly happenings. I don’t typically offer earthquake or technology breakthrough predictions, or forecasts about specific worldly events that will occur during eclipses.

However, focusing on shared extremes in many individuals’ comprehensive charts does show some interesting symbolism concerning tetrads, eclipses being a means to fine-tune the analyses.

In a worldly, mundane sense, my stance is that tetrads alone don’t precisely represent extraordinary circumstances. Something is not about to change, but everything is in a constant state of flux, particularly involving the circumstances in your life. The ups and downs—extremes—of your personal fate are absolutely identifiable in my systems of analysis.

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One Response to “Blood Moon End Times Fables vs. History of Lunar Eclipse Tetrads”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Dear Scott,

    We need to look at individual astrological charts, in order to see what’s taking place in the native’s chart. I find those houses which are affected in certain charts, to be in alignment with what’s going on, top-side. “As above, so below.”

    In Light,

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