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10 Common Traits of Mentally Strong People‏

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Mental strength, or fortitude, is a key component to success.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines fortitude as, “…strength of mind that enables a person to encounter danger or bear pain or adversity with courage.”

I recently reflected on the idea of mental toughness when I was severely jet-lagged due to a more than twelve-hour time difference, and sleep deprived from only about six hours sleep in three days. It’s what allows you to press ahead, clearing obstacles in your path, without letting anything bother you.

Below I list what I believe are ten common traits of mentally strong people.

  1. A healthy ego equates to a lack of insecurity and a strong sense of self-worth. A person who has a healthy ego doesn’t need any outside validation. They don’t have an endless need for appreciation and can easily handle rejection.
  2. Emotional problems detract from mental aptitude and strength. Mentally strong people commonly possess exceptional emotional maturity and balance.
  3. Although stubbornness is generally referred to as a personality red flag, it does seem to go hand in hand with mental toughness, as do determination and persistence.
  4. A self-disciplined individual may sometimes be restless, but he doesn’t surrender. Self-discipline is undoubtedly one of the most important keys to success.
  5. Optimism, or a lack of despair, certainly helps to maintain mental strength.
  6. The inability to let go of past wrongs and perceived injustices detract from fortitude. A lack of excessive resentment is a big plus for maintaining strong-mindedness.
  7. Decisiveness is crucial to avoid the anxiety that comes with not being able to make a decision.
  8. Clear thinking, the ability to put aside the toxic, repetitive thought patterns that bounce around your mind, is a core component of mental strength.
  9. Mentally strong people, generally, lack extreme subconscious fears and defenses.
  10. A lack of a victim mentality, refusing to play the poor me game, is a sure sign of mental strength.

All of the aforementioned personality qualities, negative and positive, are readily appraised through my unconventional security investigations.

Some of the more esoteric and, or more difficult to measure common traits of mentally strong individuals include the following: detachment from outcomes, and focus on the process while doing one’s best; talent for being in the present moment; ability to disassociate oneself from dark thoughts when at one’s weakest point; ability to recognize that which isn’t changeable, and acceptance of it entirely; contentment with extended periods of solitude.

Although it may be easier to evaluate mental strength than maximize it, a healthy lifestyle goes a long way to increase your fortitude.

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