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Numerology: Multiple Digit Numbers vs. Single Digit Numbers

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I understand that there are various ways of calculating the destiny number. For instance, for the date July 26, 1985, you could add as follows: 7 + 26 + 1985 = 2018 = 11 = 2 or 7 + 2 + 6 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 5 = 38 = 11 = 2 etc. But in every case, it boils down to the same one-digit numeral. So what difference does it make?

My findings show it does make a difference.

By the way, I don’t call it the “Destiny number,” since destiny (or fate–same thing) is represented in the comprehensive charts by patterns consisting of hundreds of factors. That indicator is merely the sum total of the full date of birth. It’s an important one, but only one of many.

In my opinion, the most accurate way to calculate that indicator is as follows:

Assess the 2018 for key insight. Then reduce it further and assess again.

Second most accurate way is as follows:

Third most accurate way is as follows:

While it’s true every number reduces to a single digit, every multiple number has its own distinctive vibration. In other words, the quality of 5775 is as unique as any other number, such as 24 or 6.

Calculated haphazardly, such as 7-26-1985 figured this way, 7+2+6+1+9+8+5=38, you lose the 2018 (see above) and gain a number (38) that’s too distanced from the true meaning of the sum total of 7-26-1985.

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