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Astrology: Computerized Reports vs. Analysis by Professional

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“Recently I was feeling not so good, I decided to check out an online astrology reading. So I submitted it, two days later received it with wondrous claims the planets are and will affect me really strongly, that I am about to face 180 degree changes in my life, etc. OK. So, how seriously should I take this?”

Sorry to hear about your struggles. The short answer is that computerized reports can’t be relied upon to give you an accurate view of your past, present, and future.

Some of the problems with computerized astrology and numerology reports include the following:

1. Even the most expensive include only transits, progressions, solar and lunar returns, and other cherry-picked surface indicators. These reports are like a hired portrait artist offering pieces of a crude, pencil-drawn stick figure, not even formed into an actual stick figure, and calling it an “artistic representation.”

My findings show that hundreds of indicators, forming patterns depicting personality and fate, are necessary for consistently high accuracy rates.

2. It would take thousands and thousands of hours of computer programming to include the most reliable factors in comprehensive astrology, including ancient methodologies, in one single, easy to read report. The labor-intensive demand of such a project makes it next to impossible.

3. The technology just doesn’t exist at this time to synthesize hundreds of astrology and numerology indicators, and variations of those indicators, while emphasizing the symbolism of the prevailing patterns. In other words, computers available for the average consumer can’t yet think and reason like humans. A substitute for a seasoned analyst doesn’t exist.

My systems of analysis allow me to scan comprehensive charts for extreme patterns, which symbolize key life circumstances and events. Though in order to interpret my charts, it’s necessary to be able to read the languages of fate–comprehensive astrology and numerology.

Please see this blog post for more information, and this blog post for more information about why I don’t believe in the astrology you’ve been exposed to.

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