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Revealed: Handwriting Analysis Accurately Measures Evasiveness

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Evasiveness is a problematic escape-type subconscious defense pattern and it’s accurately measured by handwriting analysis.

Escape-type defenses, such as evasiveness, self-deception, and secretiveness, are usually more difficult to modify than resistance-type defenses such as aggressiveness and domineering behavior.

In other words, for those who possess these personality traits in the extreme, it’s generally more difficult to be straightforward and candid than to stop being a bully.

It’s perfectly acceptable to possess some evasiveness; changing the subject when asked your political affiliation in a social setting, for example, is harmless enough.

However, in excess, it’s a form of dishonesty. It’s about average on the overall scale of dishonesty ranging from harmless (white lies) to abusive (intentional deception).

Extreme evasiveness equates to a lack of transparency and thwarts interpersonal communication. You don’t get the full story with someone who is evasive, and it can manifest as not returning phone calls or responding to e-mails. Evasiveness certainly complicates friendships and relationships, and detracts from leadership ability.

All of the aforementioned personality traits and many others are readily measured through handwriting analysis. As one of the most effective methods to identify genuine character, handwriting analysis helps you significantly reduce your business and personal related risk.

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