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Cracking the Compatibility Code

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Lots of people would like to crack the compatibility code, including everyone who wonders if their business partner, employee, friend, or relationship partner is the right match.

In order to crack the code and uncover the actual compatibility between two people, you need to understand the truth about interpersonal compatibility.

My findings about compatibility reveal these key points:

  1. Varying degrees of compatibility exist; two people are either compatible or they aren’t, and it’s measurable. Compatibility can’t be controlled.
  2. The harder you must work to make a relationship work (business or personal), the worse the innate compatibility is between two people.
  3. Subjective self-tests and quizzes may give you an idea of your personal interests and temperament, but they can’t be relied upon to measure true compatibility.
  4. Two people can share a wonderful innate connection, but if one or both possess problem personality traits, such as extreme jealousy, anger, irrationality, unreliability, vanity, dishonesty, or any other red flag personality issues (which are effectively uncovered by handwriting analysis), the connection becomes an up-hill battle.
  5. Shared collective timing, such as several key time cycles, can form the basis of a close relationship. However, when the shared timing ends, so does the relationship, if it’s not rooted in non-timing (i.e., personality) indicators.
  6. At times, you are forced to endure the worst of someone’s character, even if your compatibility is wonderful. This dynamic shows up when your collective timing is unfavorable and representative of discord or similar energy. Personal timing is very significant.
  7. No matter how good the compatibility is between you and another person, it’s wise to keep in mind that most people are not rational creatures. Emotions drive people’s behavior, then they rationalize it by offering logical reasons that aren’t the real reasons.

Intrinsic compatibility between two people can be accurately illustrated on a scale of 1-100, for example.

Extremes are easy for me to identify. In some cases, the measured compatibility between two people is fantastic. In others, it’s horrible. Average compatibility is more common.

Think of how much time and money you could save knowing that you simply aren’t compatible with someone.

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One Response to “Cracking the Compatibility Code”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Dear Scott,

    Relationships with narcissists tend to be quite intense, and generally last for no more than three to six months. Believe me when I say he “changed” the day I said, “I do.” Loving him as I did, I was too young and inexperienced, to know that he had conquered, and so was bored by the time we were married. From that day until this, has been an increasingly erratic and chaotic ride. I have known, and been married to him, for more than forty years. I guess I owe him a debt of gratitude. Without his firmly entrenched personality disorder, I would never have had a topic for the book I am working on. My objectivity is probably shot, but as a practicing astrologer, I cannot help but wonder if there was a Start Date — or a Time, that truly was the beginning of the end. (Sad).

    Love and Light,

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