Personality, Compatibility, and Personal Timing Are Measurable With Comprehensive Handwriting Analysis, Astrology, and Numerology

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Astrology Timing: Mapping Your Key Windows of Time

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Mapping the key windows of time throughout your life is possible through comprehensive astrology and numerology.

As a rule, in order for a person’s collective timing to symbolize rewards (or challenges), those rewards must first be promised in the natal, non-timing patterns.

In other words, exclusive focus on collective timing, or worse, mere individual time cycles, won’t give you consistently high accuracy rates.

Each area of life must be scrutinized separately in the non-timing (natal) comprehensive charts: love, career, partnerships, friendships, finances, family, and so on. Then, I review the collective timing and determine when the events and circumstances supported in the natal patterns will occur.

For example, I review the natal patterns searching for great financial success. If apparent, then the timing of when it will occur can be identified.

Even after reviewing thousands of people’s natal and timing patterns, it’s still exciting to me to find promise of life’s rewards in a subject’s comprehensive charts. Though it’s also fascinating to see the challenges represented in the charts unfold in real life. The more extreme the patterns, the more obvious they are and the more of an impact the symbolism has on an individual’s life. The patterns can be either friend or foe.

I’ve found that about 50% of people I encounter have faith in the sciences of astrology and numerology, and about 50% don’t; it’s understandable when you consider the form of astrology the skeptics have been exposed to (modern trivialities).

Let me be clear—not believing in astrology doesn’t exempt you from life circumstances (fate) mirroring the patterns in your comprehensive charts. Everyone has different timing, and my findings show that it’s impossible to cheat fate.

You have a choice: you can be prepared in advance to face negative life circumstances, or you can be caught off guard.

Having exclusive intelligence about the pitfalls and rewards along your path, the key windows of time in your future through astrology and numerology, gives you a significant edge and allows you to make the most of your fate.

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