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Graphology: Why Everyone’s Handwriting is Unique

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Everyone’s handwriting is unique as their individuality and their fingerprints. The complicated synchronization of mind function, nerves, and body serves to create a distinctive script style. Mind-writing is a more accurate way to describe handwriting.

To the untrained eye, one person’s handwriting may look similar to another’s, but consider some of the factors reviewed by well-trained handwriting analysts: baseline; capitals; connectives; connectivity; consistency; contradictions in script; compression; contraction/expansiveness; down-strokes; ductus; elaboration; expansion; finals; fluidity; form; harmony; hooks; jabs; knots; lead-ins; legibility; loops; margins; movement; organization; originality; personal pronoun I; pressure; retracing; rhythm; shading; signature; simplicity; size; slant; overall arrangement and picture of space; letter, word and line spacing; speed; spirals; tension; ties; zonal balance and much more.

The authentic personality strengths, challenges, fears, and defenses buried in the subconscious mind are revealed through hundreds of handwriting analysis indicators. These are the character traits that are visible to others when the subject is under pressure, when the real personality emerges, beyond the public facade.

Artists (or forgers) may claim to be able to imitate someone’s handwriting, but it’s a lot more difficult than it seems. First suspending your own unique handwriting patterns, then attempting to duplicate another person’s, is more difficult than trying to imitate their voice patterns.

Handwriting analysis has been relegated to the “pseudo science” junk heap by the misinformed. It also has to do with Bias.

Studies showing graphology to be “worthless” are baseless (and rooted in fraudulent science) due to, in part, these factors: they invariably use trivial graphology methodologies, such as the “this (single indicator) equals that (specific personality trait)” erroneous approach; they never employ or consult with well-trained handwriting analysts in their studies—doing so would foster a much more comprehensive, objective, and honest approach in delineating character.

Graphology is a valid science because it involves the objective collection of data through observation and experiment and the formulation and testing of hypotheses.

The science of graphology shows that everyone’s handwriting is unique. Although handwriting analysis uncovers many personality secrets, there’s a lot that it does not reveal.

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One Response to “Graphology: Why Everyone’s Handwriting is Unique”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Dear Scott,

    My handwriting looks like I must be Mrs. John Hancock … the funny thing is that my good friend, Ann, is actually related to him. I write rather large, and stylized, with a calligraphic pen. I should send you a sample for your files.

    In Light,

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