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The Ultimate Career Personality Test

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The ultimate career personality test, one that will quickly and efficiently reveal to business owners the best candidate for the job, or to individuals the optimum career path, is greatly sought after.

The problem is it doesn’t exist, at least one that can be successfully used by amateur personality analysts.

You’ve been there before, undoubtedly: the personality self-test or on-line quiz seemed valid at first, but later you realize it’s worthless. Or, through a brief interview you believe you’ve found a match, yet later you wonder how you could have possibly missed the now obvious red flags.

How does this happen? It’s because genuine, consistently accurate personality analysis is much more complex than using mere gut instinct or relying exclusively on personality analysis self-tests, which are subjective and can be gamed.

The ultimate career personality test involves employing established, objective systems of analysis to identify specific personality strengths and challenges.

After testing numerous methods and forming my own proprietary systems over the last 20+ years, I believe I offer the ultimate career personality test.

I strongly recommend the use of a range of evaluations, including handwriting analysis, in conjunction with other psychological testing methods to determine authentic personality and, or if a person’s abilities match the demands of the job.

The Life Purpose Package, and The Career Compatibility and Assistance Guide (listed on my services page—both involve handwriting analysis) offer dynamic, consistently accurate results.

Although you must consult with me to yield the benefits of my ultimate career personality test, the time and money you save, and peace of mind you gain, is invaluable.

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