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Astrology and Wealth: Luck is Irrelevant

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My exhaustive empirical research involving comprehensive astrology and numerology protocols shows me that luck is immaterial in relation to personal wealth.

“Most of us regard good luck as our right, and bad luck as a betrayal of that right.” William Feather

It may seem unjust to those who toil endlessly with little reward that others seem to readily generate abundant financial success, but other areas of life aren’t perfectly fair either.

My findings reveal that if a person’s comprehensive astrology and numerology charts include patterns symbolizing wealth, he or she will be rich. Birth data is used as the foundation to construct the charts, which implies predetermination is a valid concept.

Attempting to marginalize a person’s success with statements like, “He just got lucky with his business, getting in at the right time,” suggests unfamiliarity with the concept of personal fate.

Even if a person had been born decades later, when the industry in which he gained his wealth included far fewer opportunities to prosper, he would still become just as wealthy; the unseen hand of predestination would guide him toward a high personal net worth.

Having patterns symbolic of great wealth in your comprehensive astrology and numerology charts equates to being wealthy, no matter when you’re born.

What about those who become wealthy, then go right back to modest means, sometimes very quickly? What about lottery winners?

In order for a person to acquire and maintain wealth, both must be symbolized in the comprehensive charts. Also, the timing charts reveal approximately when he or she acquires it (and loses it, if that’s his or her destiny). I believe lottery winners aren’t by chance either.

If a person’s charts are reflective of average wealth or worse, my findings show that whatever gains he or she acquires above and beyond that status will somehow be forfeited, often through the choices he or she makes.

The “why” of the matter has to do with karma–what goes around, comes around.

My theory is that a person who is wealthy today (and who will maintain that status), exerted enough energy, time, and appropriate thinking and intent toward becoming wealthy in this life, and more so in past lives. Yes, that’s right, he or she has earned it, even if it isn’t obvious.

The prosperous person has given enough of him or herself as well as enough of his or her resources in past lives in order to gain a foothold in this life to regain the status of high net worth.

I’m not suggesting that those who can’t get a break in this life didn’t treat others in past lives like they want to be treated. Those who are of unfortunate means now may have delayed the abundance carry-forward until later in this life, or until a future life, if they have earned that spiritual surplus.

Also, wealth may not be part of one’s path in this lifetime because it doesn’t fit with their current life lessons. Being rich is not always better or preferable. Poverty is not always due to karma, as reflected, in one instance, by a person having what they need and not feeling deprived.

Ultimately, you can’t take your material wealth with you when you depart this planet. I’m sure everyone agrees it’s how you use the funds you have that matters. Give what you can, treat others how you want to be treated, accept that being wealthy is okay and won’t make you one of the “evil rich,” and strive to have more abundance.

Wealth is not by chance, and the general inclination and timing of it is measurable by comprehensive astrology and numerology.

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One Response to “Astrology and Wealth: Luck is Irrelevant”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Dear Scott,

    Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if All That Is just doesn’t “trust” me with money. (Smile).

    Love and Light,

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