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Astrology and Robin Williams: 10 Insights

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The other side gained a beautiful soul when Robin Williams left this planet recently at age 63.

Though it’s devastating and unfortunate, he gave us the gift of his rare talent and he touched many lives, evidenced by countless individuals grieving and expressing appreciation and love for him. Surely, if angels exist, he is one and he’ll soon be working his magic on the unseen planes.

Below I relay some of my findings after reviewing his comprehensive astrology and numerology charts.

1. Everyone knows he had a brilliant mind, and creative genius shows up in a pronounced way in his collective charts.

2. Another given is that his talent for self-expression is extremely rare.

3. Tremendous recognition and fame (or infamy), as reflected in the natal and timing patterns, shows up in early, mid, or late life for any given person. Robin’s peak time frame for fame was late 20s to mid 50s.

You may be thinking, “Well, he was in his 60s so fame would go away since he was getting older.” Not so. Plenty of famous people don’t become famous until after age 60. The charts symbolize that Robin’s fame began fading in his mid 50s.

4. Melancholy and depression (which get worse mid 50s onward) are heavily represented in his comprehensive charts. Severe ups and downs became much more difficult to handle later in life.

5. Serious health issues show up age 50 onward. Such extremes, as found in his charts, aren’t common–great collective timing for health early and middle parts of life, then the opposite age 50 onward. His non-timing collective charts also symbolize serious health issues. When the natal, non-timing charts, and timing charts both show the same thing, in extremes, it’s serious trouble.

6. An overindulgence or addiction problem is apparent and the effects of abuse earlier in life take its toll late 40s onward, and even more so late 50s onward. In youth and middle age, a person’s health may not seem to be too negatively affected from drug and alcohol abuse. But his collective timing became progressively perilous in relation to serious health issues (physical and mental), as well as falling back into bad habits as he got older.

7. Money is excellent early in life through his 40s, but late 40s into 60s more money goes out than comes in, and money isn’t decent again until mid to late 60s.

8. After reviewing two different samples of his handwriting, my impression is that although he had an extraordinarily brilliant mind, he was largely focused on the mundane and avoided delving into metaphysical and spiritual matters. He was not a deep thinker; he preferred to dwell on the surface of things, lacking even a modicum of inward assurance that things will work out fine in his future.

Simultaneously, I see patterns in his comprehensive astrology and numerology charts that are symbolic of a serious problem in maintaining faith that things will be all right; he may certainly have trusted those close to him, but he found it impossible to trust in his future. Anxiety ruled his mind.

9. His collective love life patterns, both on a timing and non-timing basis, were well above average (rewarding), until his mid 50s. From that point onward, the patterns were largely reflective of an abundance of adventurous and unstable love affairs, secrecy, and romantic relations appropriate for a playboy. That sort of energy was completely at odds with what I expect he desired, causing more stress and disharmony in his life.

10. I won’t say that his death was fated to occur at the time it did, but his final years of life were predestined to be much more challenging relative to his youth and middle age.

For some people, the best part of life is before age 30. For others, it’s mid-life, between age 30 and 50. Still others are fated to enjoy their 60s and beyond as the best part of their life. Robin’s time was mid-life, and I’m sure everyone is grateful he shared his exceptional talents. He will be missed forever.

Copyright © 2014 Scott Petullo

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2 Responses to “Astrology and Robin Williams: 10 Insights”

  1. Judi D Says:

    Wow – what numbers or things in his chart shows you that information?? It was a sad loss in the world to be sure. He will always be remembered.

  2. Scott Petullo Says:

    Judi D, thanks for your comment. Regarding your question, it’s similar to watching someone converse with a native in a foreign language, then after the hour conversation asking, “Wow, what words did you use?” My systems are proprietary. The complex patterns consist of hundreds of indicators. More information about why I consider the forms of astrology and numerology that I use authentic science, here:

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