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Twins and Astrology: Why Twins Sometimes Seem Very Different‏

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Twins and astrology is a controversial topic. As a twin and an astrologer, I find it persistently fascinating.

A common modern astrology theory suggests that twins divide up the symbolism in the charts–one selects some of the traits, and the other twin acts out the rest of the energy. It’s an interesting theory, but having studied twins and the science of astrology, I find it to be invalid.

The dividing-up-the-personality-traits notion is typical of the superficial modern astrology approach, one that ignores ancient traditions and denies that which you can’t control in life: immutable personal adversity and fate.

An aside, my writings may not be very inspirational, but it’s my responsibility to relay my findings as is, no matter how unpopular it makes me.

Some pairs of twins seem very much alike, and some seem totally different. As for my twin brother Stephen and me, we are very similar in some ways, and very different in other ways, although we share many of the same basic overall lifetime themes.

My findings show, consistently, that many of the fundamental themes in twins’ lives (considering they were at least born on the same day, month, and year) are the same. Themes regarding love life, money, and more are represented by extreme patterns. The more extreme the patterns in my systems of analysis, the more easily identified.

Two people born on the same day and month share a tenuous link. Two born on the same day, month, and year share a much closer link. An even closer bond would include two people sharing the same date of birth, location of birth, legal birth name, and as close as possible exact same time.

A couple minutes between two people’s births can, but doesn’t always, make a huge difference. It’s the reason–in an astrological and numerological sense–why twins sometimes are very different, aside from how twins have different souls and past life karma. More on the topic of shared dates of birth can be found here.

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