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5 Things Astrology Reveals About Money

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A clear link exists between money and astrology.

Patterns in my comprehensive systems of analysis reflect distinct financial circumstances and events in people’s lives.

The more severe and repetitive the patterns, the more of an impact, like clockwork, the symbolism has on an individual’s life.

I’ve heard people doubt my theories countless times: “The patterns are not valid,” “There’s no scientific basis for that,” and so on. Without fail, incredibly, the skepticism comes from those who have never looked beyond the trivial astrology and numerology found in horoscopes or a cursory Internet search.

Thinking back to when I first began studying astrology in the late 1980s, I’m grateful the circumstances and events in my life allowed me to identify (in some cases, inexplicably come in contact with) myriad ancient methods and techniques. I’m also grateful my discipline (granted, through obsession) allowed me to test each one and figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Here are five things comprehensive astrology (and numerology) can tell you about money:

  1. How rewarding or challenging a person’s finances are fated to be, compared to the average person’s finances, relative to the society in which he or she resides. In other words, it’s feasible to rank a person’s overall money acquisition and net worth as very low, low, average, high, or very high, as on the scale on this page.
  2. Whether or not a person will remain at a certain level of wealth. The extreme bell-shaped curve phenomenon (poor, rich, then poor again), the extreme inverse (rich, poor, then rich again), steady incline or decline, and variations are reliably outlined.
  3. When a person’s net worth moves significantly up or down. Her money may peak toward the end of the first third of her life and subsequently fade, and his net worth may not peak until early in the final third of life.
  4. Generally, the source of the money, such as through partnerships (including romantic), business interests, or even illicit activity. Extremes are easy to identify, as always, but the core source or sources of a person’s net worth is one of the more tricky issues to delineate.
  5. Whether or not your business partner or romantic partner is financially rewarding to you, or you to him or her. Alternatively, in the extreme, your partner can be very dangerous to you in a financial sense. In addition, red flag personality traits related to money are perceptible through handwriting analysis. Two people may be fantastic together regarding money, horrible together, one may owe the other (as symbolized by the patterns), or one may be in great collective timing and the other may be in very rough timing. All sorts of distinctions can be outlined relating to compatibility and money.

Everyone’s predestined financial circumstances and related timing is unique. While I believe 75% of the core circumstances and events in your life are fated, you’re still free to strive to make the most of your fate and express gratitude for what you have now.

You can prepare for challenges and capitalize on rewarding trends when you know the general inclination, and timing, of your financial fate.

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