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How to Separate Truth From Fiction

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In seeking a deeper understanding, it’s important to separate truth from fiction.

Truth may be what you believe to be true, yet it can be erroneous if empirical evidence and, or facts don’t support it.

Also, much of what conventional wisdom holds to be fiction may not be fiction.

What I Don’t Know

I don’t know if it’s possible for a time-traveler from the future to visit us in the present time. I haven’t investigated the theory, so I won’t call it fiction.

I don’t know for certain if extraterrestrials exist on other planets. Considering there exist over 100 billion stars in our galaxy alone, each with nearby planets like Earth, the likelihood that at least some of those planets being inhabited with intelligent life is very high. I won’t call extraterrestrials fiction, nor will I deny that they are already among us on this planet.

I don’t know if alchemy is possible. I don’t know if it’s possible to manipulate matter at the atomic level and turn lead into gold. However, gold nanospheres exist in the stained-glass windows of select Medieval churches. Modern technology can’t replicate that glass. I refuse to call alchemy fiction.

I don’t know if adepts utilized The King’s Chamber in The Great Pyramid in Egypt as a star-gate to travel to distant planets. I do know that the environment of that chamber (about the size of a racket-ball court) felt to me to be other-dimensional and otherworldly; standing in that room in May of 2000, I felt like I was in an altered state of consciousness, comparable to what I experience in deep meditation. I won’t call the theory of star-gate travel fiction.

What I Do Know

I do know that facts are objective and not subjective. Sometimes what a person believes to be their truth is fiction. Something demonstrably false is fiction.

For example, someone once said to me, in so many words, “My Sun sign is Taurus and not Gemini. I use the Sidereal zodiac instead of the Tropical zodiac for my Sun sign because it reflects my truth.”

The difference between the two zodiacs is about an entire sign, resulting in her Sun sign being in Taurus in the Sidereal zodiac, but Gemini in the Tropical zodiac.

It’s acceptable if she chooses to view her Sun sign as Taurus and not Gemini, since the Sidereal zodiac is a valid zodiac.

The problem is that Sun sign astrology is demonstrably bogus; you can cherry pick characteristics of any “horoscope” to fit the narrative of your choosing. The Sidereal zodiac can be useful, but not in a superficial sense, as with Sun sign astrology.

In the case above, the person is uninformed about the workings of authentic astrology, embraces Sun sign astrology, and then claims it (the subjective collection of traits for “a Taurus”) reflects her truth. Subjective personality assessments are notoriously erroneous.

Another example involves motivational speakers and New Age gurus who deny that personal adversity exists and that some things in life are insurmountable. The hucksters and carnival barkers spiritual best-selling authors know that inspiration rooted in fantasy sells and that the truth is far less profitable.

Reasonable people acknowledge that there’s a lot in life you can’t control. Sometimes your unique personal adversity, whether it be an immutable health issue, inescapable familial or marital burden, or other issue blocks the success you desire no matter what you do.

Certainly, unalterable personal adversity exists. To deny that exemplifies living a lie. The “you can overcome anything” and “nothing limits you” mantras are eventually seen for what they are: disingenuous assertions by profiteers.

If you’re fair, you strive to investigate something from all possible angles before you discount it as fiction. Separating truth from fiction demands a decent sense of discernment and the ability to be objective. Once you find evidence showing a theory is invalid, you’re that much closer to the truth of the matter.

Effectively separating truth from fiction takes practice, but ultimately striving to see the truth in all matters helps you to live a more rewarding and happy life.

Copyright © 2014 Scott Petullo


2 Responses to “How to Separate Truth From Fiction”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Dear Scott,

    Having studied Eastern philosophy, I understand there’s a lot in life we can’t control. I think we’re here to procreate, and to be happy. Having done the one, I sometimes find the other elusive. Personal attitude contributes to some, but not all, of our challenges. When one is married to someone with a personality disorder, almost every moment is chaotic, and uncertain.
    Fate? It would have to be. If my greatest challenge in this lifetime is to emotionally ‘detach,’ what better way to learn how to do that, than to pair an empath, with an full-blown narcissist?

    Love andLight,

  2. Scott Petullo Says:

    Sounds like quite a lesson in detachment, Kathy.

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