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Money and Handwriting Analysis: 7 Personality Specifics Revealed

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Knowing a person’s personality specifics related to money can greatly lower your risk. Handwriting analysis is the key to this knowledge.

Personality typing systems, including those for money types, abound on-line. Unfortunately, merely identifying yourself or others as a cheapskate, saver, or spendthrift is impractical and limiting. Typing systems, utterly subjective, can’t be used on people you don’t know very well and they won’t help you avoid a thief.

You can’t guess personality red flags. You need a reliable, objective, and non-discriminatory system like handwriting analysis.

Here are seven things handwriting analysis can identify and tell you about personality as it relates to money:

  1. The level of money motivation—whether or not she is extremely interested in material possessions, security, and cash. Self worth of the extremely acquisitive person is often based on net worth. On a positive note, high money motivation is an important personality trait for people who work on commission.
  2. Whether or not he is miserly with his resources. Alternatively, altruism and generosity are also detectable.
  3. Martyrdom—in the extreme, it manifests as self-defeating behavior. He will take less than his share and give too much away, to his detriment.
  4. Lack of discipline and recklessness, which manifest as wastefulness.
  5. Subconscious blocks that make someone “unlucky” in money matters. These people consistently ruin deals or otherwise prevent abundance from entering their lives. Contrast that with someone who simply has meager financial fate and remains of modest means no matter what they do or how many “millionaire state of mind” seminars they attend. The former example is sometimes temporary, but the latter is permanent.
  6. The level of secrecy in money matters. This can be positive or negative. You want someone to be able to keep his mouth shut when necessary, but you also don’t want a partnership ruined by excessive secrecy.
  7. The amount of frustration relating to money and material wealth matters.

Each person’s complex and unique personality is comprised of multiple character traits. Some are positive, some negative, and others can be dangerous.

You have three basic options to reliably root out red flag personality traits, including those related to money: employ a qualified psychologist, hire a security investigations firm, or hire an unconventional security investigations expert, one that utilizes handwriting analysis.

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