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Barbara Walters: Career Success and Fate

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Barbara Walters doesn’t owe her decades-long broadcasting career success to luck.

While being interviewed a few days before she retired on May 16th, 2014, she answered these questions:

1. “You’re one of the most successful broadcasters, ever. What do you attribute your success to?”

She replied, in part, “…hard work…persistence…I love what I do…”

2. “You’re 84 and you’re only now retiring. How did you do it?”

She answered, “…I don’t have a special diet…I have about 8 hours of sleep each night…” In other words, she has no unusual habits and no super-human traits.

Barbara Walters revealed she doesn’t know why her career lasted much longer than average, other than loving her work and working hard.

Predestined Success

I have a theory about her success: it’s her fate. Reviewing her comprehensive astrology and numerology charts, I see extremely favorable patterns for career success and longevity.

Her accomplishments, renown, and being at the forefront of her profession until her retirement at age 84 aren’t a surprise to me.

What’s remarkable is that few people seem to consider predestination as the reason for her exceptional life circumstances.

Free Will and Fate

Barbara Walters commented that in her younger years she recalls seeing an advertisement involving a 70 year-old woman struggling to climb stairs. She became determined to avoid those circumstances and intended long ago that she would be active and youthful well into her “old age.”

Granted, her intent may be a factor, but her charts tell me her collective timing and natal patterns are absolutely in her favor, displaying the opposite symbolism of someone immobile and alone in a retirement home, 20 years her junior. Others, while having the same intent, drive, decision-making power, and desire, don’t fare as well as Barbara Walters.

Either your unique personal fate supports and allows for the realization of your dreams, or it doesn’t. Motivational speakers, inspirational coaches, and spiritual gurus are powerless to change that.

While I believe everyone should constantly strive toward their lifetime goals, it’s important to consider the concept of predetermination, including things you can’t change in life.

Barbara Walters is fortunate to have the personal fate that includes the talent, health, drive, and 50-plus years of career success as one of the most celebrated broadcasters in history.

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