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Astrology Q & A: Do it Yourself Quick Fixes Are Nonexistent

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“The horoscopes we see daily are for the Sun signs, my Sun-Moon-Rising are Gemini-Leo-Libra, I’ve been reading horoscopes using those 3 signs for myself, but it just occurred to me they’re not relevant to Sun sign astrology. How should I use my Moon and Rising signs if I want to find daily information for those signs to build a more complete picture? Many thanks for your guidance.”

Your question reminds me of my astrology and numerology studies starting in the late 1980s. It involved testing countless methods and ruling out the ones that didn’t yield consistently accurate results. The methodologies that I most easily ruled out were based in modern astrology.

To save you a lot of time, I recommend starting with related information from around 300 BC and studying and applying everything you can find, leading up to about 1700 AD. Avoid horoscopes, but not horoscopic astrology.

The only way to achieve a complete picture, as you phrased it, is to learn the comprehensive sciences of astrology and numerology. A quick fix, reliable solution for daily/short-term (or long-term) guidance doesn’t exist for the uninitiated.

Just as it’s very difficult to quickly learn Mandarin Chinese to the point where you can converse with natives fluently, it’s very difficult to quickly learn the comprehensive languages of fate. Becoming proficient in comprehensive astrology and numerology is a long-term endeavor like any other complex field of expertise.

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