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Sade vs. Estelle: Fame and Astrology

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Fame and astrology–who will experience greater and longer lasting fame, Sade or Estelle?

Sade’s first album came out in 1984. Although Estelle’s first album wasn’t until 20 years later in 2004, many people sense a similarity between the two British singers; Estelle’s hit single “American Boy” is vaguely reminiscent of Sade’s work. Is Estelle a contender to Surpass Sade’s eminence?

I’ve reviewed both Sade’s and Estelle’s comprehensive astrology and numerology charts and I’m thoroughly impressed with what I see.

But the more I examined Estelle’s charts, the more it was clear to me that expecting Estelle to reach Sade’s level of universal appeal and success is unrealistic.

That’s not to say that Estelle isn’t talented. It’s just that some people are fated for less recognition than others, despite their level of talent.

Unfortunately, quite a few more red flags exist in Estelle’s charts compared to Sade’s, taking her down several notches from Sade’s incredible international success (Sade is the most successful British female singer, ever, having sold over 110 million albums).

The core of Estelle’s success and fame as a singer is more concentrated, for a more limited span of time, and Sade’s is broader, wider reaching, and more enduring.

The comprehensive charts of both very talented performers, Sade and Estelle, are exceptional in regards to success and recognition, but it’s really no contest between the two. Sade will experience greater and longer lasting fame than Estelle.

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One Response to “Sade vs. Estelle: Fame and Astrology”

  1. Shawna Says:

    I love Sade! Incredible voice/talent. I listen to her music a lot. Adele feels really sad like Janis Joplin….too emotional.

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