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Save Time with Astrology Forecasting

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Astrology forecasting can save you a lot of time.

I’m referring to the type of astrology forecasting I do, rather than the type of astrology you’ve been exposed to.

Unfortunately, you’ve most likely experienced this before: a business prospect, a blind date, or some other meeting that turns out to be a colossal waste of time. An entire morning, afternoon, or evening becomes a lesson in futility because things just don’t go your way, at all.

However, perhaps you’ll be pleased to learn that it’s possible to predict through astrology forecasting if you are likely to be forced to endure a rough span of time. 

Windows of time, delineated through my systems of analysis, comprised of universal trends and the collective energy of your personal timing, range from very favorable, favorable, neutral, unfavorable, to very unfavorable. These phases, which are as brief as 6 hours and as long as many years, signal success or failure.

Let me tell you a story. I had drinks with a lady recently (a first date) and the entire night was full of inconveniences and hassles. She was an hour late and arrived at the wrong meeting place (a few blocks away, which made her even more late), then when we finally did sit down for drinks at the establishment we had both been to multiple times, it was one annoyance after another. The aloof staff (very usual for that place), rude patrons, her undesirable attitude, among other things, made it a night to forget.

Although these types of “very unfavorable” spans of time don’t occur exceedingly often, thankfully, it was one of those “perfect storm” nights.

I recognized the likelihood of significant difficulties for that evening ahead of time, symbolized in the comprehensive charts.

Collective personal short-term timing represented heavy difficulties with her (she offered her birth data prior to that night) during that several-day span on multiple levels, along with difficulties to me in the natal patterns relating to her, accompanied by multiple short-term (daily and three-day) cycles equating to big challenges.

I’ve found that the patterns always represent the actual circumstances, and that’s exactly what happened: an uphill battle and almost a waste of a night.

I say almost a waste of a night because I learned something valuable, as I constantly do by viewing life through the scope of my work. Although I live my life doing what feels optimum at any given moment, as if I’m ignoring the astrology symbolism, I’m always paying attention.

For those of you who are thinking, “self-fulfilling prophecy,” I emphatically disagree. I ruled that out many years ago; it’s impossible for me to make other people behave the way they do without being some sort of wizard, and I don’t make events happen, they simply occur as part of fate.

Plus, the majority of my empirical research involves watching other people’s lives unfold in relation to the charts, and since they’re unaware of it, my observations have no bearing on their life circumstances.

You can save a lot of time by knowing if a specific period, however long, is one of extremes–either very favorable or very unfavorable. Astrology forecasting can help you prepare for and even avoid substantial troubles, make your life more enjoyable, and limit your risk.

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  1. Kathy Says:

    Dear Scott,

    “…I’ve found that patterns always represent the actual circumstances…”

    Blessings in Light,

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