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5 Tips to Successfully Use Personality Tests To Hire Employees

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The successful use of personality tests to hire employees depends on multiple factors.

Follow the tips below to successfully use personality tests to hire employees, and avoid five of the worst personality analysis mistakes.

  1. Make sure the focus of the personality evaluation is on the skills necessary for the job.
  2. It’s best to have a skills-required-for-the-job focused personality test in conjunction with correctly delineating the personality strengths necessary for the job, such as through a Job Demands Checklist.
  3. The personality test must assess specific personality traits.
  4. The personality test must be non-discriminatory; it must not reveal sexual orientation, marital status, height, age, weight, age, or race.
  5. To successfully use personality tests to hire employees, the personality test must offer consistent results over time.

You may be wondering, “How to avoid the ‘how does the company want me to answer these questions’ dilemma?” Instead of answering candidly, applicants answer personality test questions how they think the company wants them to answer.

I recommend the use of a range of evaluations (e.g., handwriting analysis, in conjunction with other psychological testing methods), in addition to the interview to determine if the subject matches the demands of the job.

Make sure to indicate to the applicant that the hiring decision is not based on any single evaluation, but all facets combined, including the interview process, assessment methods, professional references, and background investigations including examination of public records.

As I say on my handwriting sample forms, “Decisions will not be made based only on the results of the graphological analysis, but in conjunction with the interview process, decision-maker observations, and other information.”

Handwriting analysis does not directly predict the success of a job applicant. However, it does provide information about whether or not the applicant is a match for the job based on the job description. Motivations (e.g., social involvement, recognition, money, etc.), intellect, work habits, and communication skills are some common areas of assessment.

Consistently following the advice above will reduce your risk of legal concerns and monetary loss, and will help you to successfully use personality tests to hire employees.

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