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What Handwriting Does Not Reveal

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I’ve been asked several times what handwriting does not reveal.

Regardless of claims of handwriting analysis reliably identifying gender, handwriting does not reveal whether the writer is male or female.

I’ve seen countless handwriting samples from women that look very masculine, and I’ve also seen countless handwriting samples from men that look very feminine. Clear, consistent differences between the handwriting of men and women don’t exist.

Even so, I receive inquiries like this: “What are the reasons behind the noticeable difference between male and female handwriting? Is it evolutionary or just cultural?”

As I mention above, there aren’t consistent differences between male and female handwriting. The handwriting of young women in a specific culture, for example, doesn’t, in any way, represent the handwriting of all women.

You wouldn’t be able to distinguish the sex of each writer with a reasonable level of accuracy if you were handed a stack of 100 random, anonymous handwriting samples, split evenly between men and women.

Handwriting reveals masculine or feminine writing styles, thus masculine or feminine subconscious energy, but not whether the writer is male or female.

Also, handwriting does not reveal sexual orientation, marital status, age, race, height, or weight. Consistent correlations between gender (or any of the other aforementioned things) and handwriting analysis haven’t been identified in any credible study.

Thus, handwriting analysis is one of the least discriminatory forms of personality analysis, and despite skeptics’ claims, handwriting analysis is an authentic science.

An aside, it’s impossible to replicate someone’s handwriting, and it’s futile to attempt to alter your handwriting to appear different; your personality will still shine through to a well-trained handwriting analyst no matter how you try to change it. How it looks on the surface, to the untrained eye, is irrelevant.

Although handwriting does not reveal everything about a person, it does reveal true motivations, dishonesty, quite a lot about sex and relationships, leadership ability, amount of discretion and dependability, level of intelligence, menacing subconscious personality defenses, and a lot more.

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