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Astrology Measures Extreme Conflict Between Two People

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It’s no secret that extreme conflict between two people can be an absolute energy drain and a major stress inducer.

In fact, studies have shown that interpersonal conflict in the workplace leads to higher turnover, and lower job satisfaction and productivity. Strife between staff members makes it very difficult to enjoy work and exceed the employer’s and, or customers’ expectations.

According to an article in the Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health, factors that greatly contribute to workplace interpersonal conflict include, “…Higher psychological job demands, higher levels of role ambiguity, the presence of physical demands, higher musculoskeletal demands, a poorer physical work environment, shift work, overtime, and higher levels of job insecurity…”

No surprise so far, right?

However, what about pronounced, innate conflict between two people, the type that no matter what you do, you can’t overcome?

Haven’t you ever interacted with someone only to find that it’s all but impossible to maintain harmony, even when you share a lot in common, including similar backgrounds, and both lack personality red flags that promote extreme conflict between two people?

This type of connection—natural, extreme conflict between two people–is rather common, according to my findings.

Sometimes the natural strife between two people is minor, other times it’s overwhelming and debilitating, and it’s not the fault of those involved—it’s just the unique compatibility between two people.

The good news is that extreme conflict between two people is identifiable before you risk your livelihood and, or money, and all you need is the birth data (full date of birth, etc.) to find out if the connection is inherently unbearable.

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