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Conflict Resolution Styles Identified Through Handwriting Analysis

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You won’t ever be able to entirely eliminate interpersonal conflict from your life, but you can identify conflict resolution styles to help deal with the problem more efficiently.

These five conflict resolution styles cover the general range of approaches and are identifiable through handwriting analysis:

1.    Argumentative–perhaps the most challenging conflict resolution style due to the individual seeming to favor battle over resolution.
2.    Aggressive and uncompromising—this style is better than the first, but only if the person possessing it is absolutely correct in his or her contention, such as reasonably standing up for his or her rights after being wronged.
3.    Assertively collaborative—this is the conflict resolution style most likely to achieve lasting conflict resolution. The focus is almost entirely on a mutually beneficial outcome.
4.    Cooperative and compliant—while it may be true that the person possessing this style is well liked by almost everyone, this style yields too much and the person is seen as an easy target.
5.    Conflict Avoidance—although you may experience less conflict with a person who strives to avoid all conflict, you’re also likely to have a very superficial connection with him or her. Additionally, when conflict does arise, expect the person to disappear instead of wanting to address it.

In addition to helping manage conflict, such as with staff relations, accurately identifying conflict resolution styles is enormously helpful in negotiations and other situations where you need an edge. Correctly estimating how a potential business partner, competitor, or associate will make their next move can be the difference between failure and success.

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