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The Truth About Your Divine Purpose

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My long-term, empirical findings tell me that everyone has a divine purpose.

I define divine purpose as something you agreed to do before you were born.

One or more of the following may be your divine purpose:

1.    Being a good friend, sister, brother, mother, or father.

2.    Teaching, thus empowering others.

3.    Doing the work that you do, no matter how inconsequential it seems.

4.    Standing up for your human and sovereign rights.

5.    Speaking your truth.

6.    Being who you are instead of being what someone else wants you to be.

7.    Living your everyday life, pragmatically following your dreams, and doing what feels most appropriate toward achieving your long-term goals.

Perhaps the list above contrasts with what you’ve heard from inspirational speakers—a myth that goes something like this: “All you have to do is find your divine purpose and all the success and riches will be yours.”

That only happens if you have enough inborn (preordained) resourcefulness and ability, your personal timing supports your goals (predestined), and everything else falls into place (again, predestined).

An aside, it’s recommended to avoid confusing “heart’s desire” with ego-self demands and matters relating to instant gratification.

The more you are completely in synch with your personal fate (which is exactly the same as destiny), the less inner conflict you will experience.

The truth is, everyone’s divine purpose is different, and most people’s divine purpose doesn’t include big money and fame. My Life Purpose Package helps you identify your optimum life direction, and much more.

“The universe” wants you to do something. That’s just another way to say that your personal fate is pushing you in the direction of your predetermined path. Have faith that you will take the right step at the right time.

No matter how insignificant your divine purpose seems to be, it’s vital to your destiny, and probably a lot more important to the fate of others than you realize.

Copyright © 2013 Scott Petullo

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