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The Truth About Numerology and Athlete Jersey Numbers

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Numbers symbolize quantity, but they also symbolize quality, such as “he’s number one.”

However, in selecting a jersey number, just like with home, business, or office address numbers and numerology, you can’t just select what you believe to be a rewarding number and expect things to go in your favor.

Number symbolism doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t make things happen in and of itself. Instead, it represents what was, what is, and what will be, particularly in relation to how a specific number harmonizes with the individual’s unique energy (personality and timing), symbolized in the comprehensive charts.

I was recently quoted in an article regarding Anquan Boldin of the San Francisco 49ers: “(the number 81) is very compatible with the collective energy of Anquan’s comprehensive charts. It’s rather rewarding for him.”

The best way to go about selecting a jersey number is to see what’s available, and then choose the number that feels most appropriate to you. It may represent steep challenges, great rewards, or something in-between, based on where and how often that number shows up in the patterns of your comprehensive charts (which include hundreds of factors/numbers, in my proprietary systems of analysis).

In summary, while a player’s jersey number has symbolic representation, the player’s personal fate prevails. In other words, a player can select (or be assigned) a jersey number that symbolizes rewards for him or her, but if that player’s comprehensive charts ultimately reflect big trouble, for example (e.g., fall from grace, money troubles, etc.), the negative circumstances prevail.

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