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Handwriting Analysis Distinguishes Thinkers From Feelers

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Everyone thinks and everyone feels, but some people are much more analytical in their decision-making, and others are much more emotional.

Personas can be very deceptive; you can’t tell for sure if someone has a more analytical or emotional temperament simply by taking to the person, or even through extensive interview sessions.

Self-analysis is often inaccurate too. A person may believe himself to be more analytical than emotional, but while under pressure it’s clear he isn’t, and his analytical abilities and sense of reason are over-powered by his emotions. That’s not necessarily negative, though you shouldn’t put your livelihood at risk involving this person and a position that requires acute analytical abilities, in high-stress situations.

Alternatively, it’s optimum to place someone who is more of a feeler, someone whose emotional temperament is highly developed, in a position requiring empathy and emotional support.

The solution to determining if a person possesses more of a thinking or feeling personality is handwriting analysis, one of the most reliable and objective forms of personality analysis.

Knowing whether a person is more analytical or emotional not only helps you reduce your exposure to risk, but also helps you to interact more effectively with that person on his or her level.

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