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Why Your Compatibility With That Person is Terrible

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Congenial pretenses aside, you have a sneaking suspicion that your actual compatibility with that certain person, whether it’s a professional or personal relationship, is just plain awful.

Even if you do share the same values, have similar personalities and interests, are both willing to “work at it,” and both lack major character flaws—these five areas fully encompass conventional thinking on compatibility—you’ll still only address surface compatibility.

Sometimes, no matter what, the compatibility between you and another person is terrible. Friction and tension prevail and, individual personality red flags aside, it has nothing to do with your backgrounds, biases, prejudices, values, interests, or basic personality traits.

Authentic compatibility is not a choice, it’s just the way it is, it’s unalterable, and every two person combination is unique.

It’s not your fault, so just accept that sometimes you cannot avoid a non-stop up-hill battle within select connections.

Just as it’s possible to determine personality red flags, it’s possible to determine how your overall compatibility rates with another person, on a scale of 1-100, for example, including details about the core challenges and rewards through my invaluable analyses.

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