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Surprising Examples of the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

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The subconscious mind is a hidden, very powerful influence on your life.

Did you know that you can’t control the impulses that emanate from your subconscious mind?

Please see this blog post for six more facts about the subconscious mind.

Here’s a challenge for those of you who are in a committed relationship: try never to think about sex with anyone but your spouse or significant other. You can’t do it, no matter how hard you try, due to the power of your subconscious mind. But don’t feel bad; it’s perfectly natural.

Your subconscious mind heavily influences your overall character, but whether or not you act on those compulsions is a different matter.

Please see this article for three more surprising examples of how your subconscious mind overpowers your conscious mind.

Unfortunately, a person’s prevailing (subconscious) motivations can be quite different than what he or she projects through a persona. Combined with other personality red flags, such a person can be dangerous.

One of the most effective ways to assess the subconscious mind, your real personality, along with the rest of your personality, is through handwriting analysis.

Limit your risk by knowing everything you can about people you allow into your life, and those with whom you do business.

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