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Skeptic Q & A: Can an Astrologer Guess Your Birthday?

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“This is how you test astrology: can an astrologer guess your birthday after getting to know you? Most astrologers can’t. Something I have done in the past is offer a fake birthday. For example may 6th. They then make vague generalisations, I let them know its really november 17th. Then they will say something like ‘that makes so much more sense.’ Then when I explain that its all complete bullshit, they don’t listen.”

Your premise involves Sun sign astrology. Unfortunately, Sun sign astrology isn’t real astrology.

A better way to phrase that question is “Can an astrologer guess some of the key patterns in your charts after getting to know your personality?” The answer is yes.

Unfortunately, the “This (one single aspect, like a Day of Birth) means that (distinct personality traits)” approach to astrology (or numerology) only serves as entertainment. It won’t give you accurate results.

Real astrology involves pattern recognition, empirical science, and it is far more complex than 99% of the astrology you find on the Internet.

A person’s birthday, the three numbers–month, day, and year–are part of the data used to derive complex patterns in the comprehensive charts.

If I see the same 38 patterns in the comprehensive charts of one person that I have witnessed in the charts of more than 1700 other people who have fallen from grace, for example, that person will suffer a major correction in their life. Loss of respect, status, and or, some other life-changing event will occur and it won’t be a pleasant experience.

Extremes, negative or positive, are easier to identify in the charts and it’s always fascinating to watch fate manifest, particularly when the subject has no idea you are paying attention to the happenings in his or her life.

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